LEGO Dimensions On Sale at 99 Cents Only Stores.

There must be a number of LEGO fans to this day who must still be sore about the end of LEGO Dimensions, the action-adventure “toys-to-life” game that brought together a wide variety of franchises licensed by LEGO. Its closure virtually meant the end of the era of the toys-to-life genre.

While some of the franchises that were depicted in LEGO Dimensions, like The Powerpuff Girls (and reportedly, Back to the Future) have been given new life with new LEGO sets, there are still some who would much like to get the old Dimensions expansion pack versions of these various franchises.

In this, the price-point retailer 99 Cents Only Stores has come to the rescue, sort of. Early last year, before LEGO put the kibosh on LEGO Dimensions, the chain had offered Dimensions Fun Packs and Team Packs in their stores. The game’s gone now, but 99COS is repeating its sale.

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By this time, a number of 99 Cents Only Stores will have started displaying what they have left of the LEGO Dimensions products. The Fun Packs and Team Packs will be available at their greatest price deals yet, costing only $1.99 per set. Apparently, Philippine LEGO Users Group member Renel Ebro managed to snap this image from his local 99COS.

99 cents

It should be noted that the cancellation of LEGO Dimensions didn’t mean the end of the game itself. There’s merely no more new content coming out and the design team’s only doing server maintenance and customer support. The tie-in toys-to-life LEGO expansion sets should still work with the game however.

As for what Dimensions packs would be available at 99COS, each individual store would have different inventories available, therefore what you might find in one branch may not be there in another. If you’re looking to get a specific pack then we hope you find it in your nearest store. You may use this store locator to check the nearest 99COS branch in your area.



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