Check Out This Collection of Custom LEGO Marvel Busts Instructions Offered at an Incredibly Low Price Only on B3!

Build Better Bricks (B3) is currently running a promo that is too good to resist. We’ve seen the Mad Titan Thanos rendered in LEGO bricks last month, and his custom LEGO bust really placed a smile on our face. This time, get ready to bask in Marvel awesomeness as Master Builders Tyler and Sean offer not just 1, but 9 custom LEGO Marvel busts to make you grin with delight. The best part of it, you’ll get more than 30% discount on all the building instructions needed to create these Marvel masterpieces now that they’re selling off from the site at an incredibly low price of $30 for the entire bundle.

Included in this custom LEGO Marvel B3 collection are the building instructions to create: Deadpool, Groot, Thanos, Black Panther, Rocket Raccoon, Yondu, Vision and the newly released Wolverine character busts. Plus, it also includes an exclusive instruction to build an MCU Mantis that is only available in this bundle and not in any other purchase.

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Each custom LEGO bust measures from 2.5 to 3 inches wide to 4.5 to 5.5 inches tall depending on the character. Each custom bust comes with building instructions in PDF format, a parts list, and a Brinklink .io file for easy parts ordering at  Want to know more about each of these LEGO Marvel custom busts and other Marvel-inspired builds that they have? Then head over to Build Better Bricks, or watch some of their videos below. These ones are my personal favorites – not just because of our master builders’ excellent aesthetic designs, but also their wacky attempt on voice characterization – I was literally laughing my heart out while watching this ‘Deadpool’ video. I just hope that the two LEGO geeks responsible for his dismemberment will be kind enough to build the rest of his awesome body.

Custom LEGO Deadpool Bust
Custom LEGO Yondu Bust


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