LEGO City Arctic Official Box Art Images Revealed

LEGO City Arctic

As early as January, we already mentioned that the new LEGO City-themed sets will go north to for one awesome brick-built, icy adventure. Following the recent Mountain Police and Mining themes, the next LEGO City sets will focus on an Arctic adventure, as we can glean from the following box art images as posted once again in Radio Kontrol’s website.  Check out the following LEGO City Arctic images and product descriptions below, with additional box art images from Croatian LEGO Store

I am particularly interested in the new animal molds, particularly on the mammoth bigfig from Arctic Mobile Exploration Base (60195) and the saber-tooth tiger. All in all, I am pretty positive that these new LEGO City Arctic sets will go well with fans once they appear on toy shelves in June.

Arctic Ice Glider (60190)

50 pieces | $6.99 USD

LEGO City Arctic

Wear your warmest clothes and go for an exploration on the LEGO® City 60190 Arctic Mini-snowmobile! Charge your mini-computer, the flashing lights and all the other equipment on the snowmobile and slide on the ice like a snowmobile! What’s in that valley? Turn on the flashing lights so that the explorers at the camp can follow you and see what is hidden under the snow. There is always something exciting to discover in the arctic expeditions of LEGO® City! 

Arctic Exploration Team (60191)

70 pieces | $9.99 USD

LEGO City Arctic

Take the camera and go to the excavation site with the LEGO® City 60191 Arctic Exploration Team! The team has found an interesting find and needs to take some pictures before returning it to the base. Charge the snowmobile and drive to the ice block. Free the find with the saw and place it safely in the crate on the trailer. Call the dog before you run away and go back to the camp to warm up and find out what you found! 


Arctic Ice Crawler (60192) 

200 pieces | $24.99 USD

LEGO City Arctic

Great discoveries await you at the site of the Arctic expedition with the LEGO® City Crane 60192! Move to the roughest terrain and lower your arm to collect the frozen samples. Wait, take that big piece of ice, there’s something inside. What a discovery! Let’s get back to base camp as fast as possible! Another exciting discovery in the Arctic! 


Arctic Air Transport (60193)

277 pieces | $39.99 USD

LEGO City Arctic

Call the pilot! We need to handle a bulky cargo with the LEGO® City 60193 Arctic Transport Plane! Climb to the edge of the crevasse and help drive the quadcopter in stationary mode to allow the pilot to lower the hook. Fix it to the ice block and give it the signal to hoist it on board. Return to the ATV base camp at great speed to analyze the rare discovery! 


Arctic Scout Truck (60194)

322 pieces | $59.99 USD

60194 1

60194 alt1

Load the equipment onto the LEGO® City 60194 Arctic snowmobile and set off on your exploratory mission! Collect samples for analysis in the vehicle laboratory as you explore the snowmobile site. Uuh, look at the ice wall and that mysterious cave … what’s going to be inside? Pay attention to the polar bear! Call the husky … it’s time to go back to the camp! 


Arctic Mobile Exploration Base (60195)

786 pieces | $119.99 USD

60195 alt1

Alert the Arctic Expeditions Team and prepare the LEGO® City 60195 Arctic Exploration Base for departure! Once you reach the excavation site, download the vehicles and start working. Analyze the samples in the mobile lab while the explorers check the area on the snowmobile in search of other interesting finds. Wait … but what’s in that block of ice? Wow, that mammoth is huge! On! Let’s get to work and dig a piece of history! 


Arctic Supply Aircraft (60196)

707 pieces | 79.99 USD

60196 alt1

Take warm gloves, LEGO® City 60196 Arctic Supply Aircraft will soon be leaving! Save all the necessary equipment in the boxes and load them into the cargo plane before you reach the Arctic Expedition team to work. Put the plane near the excavation site, then jump on the ice scooter and see what the researchers found. Oh, how beautiful a pattern! Use a cutter to remove the ice and then cut it to the plane and attach it before taking it off!

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