From May the 4th Comes a LEGO MOC Diorama of a “Force Awakens” Scene by Grant Davis

LEGO and Star Wars have long been in a strong partnership that has resulted in some epic things. By epic we mean the huge models of spaceships LEGO released for the franchise, from the more recent LEGO Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon (75192) to Super Star Destroyers (10221). Even LEGO Ideas is full of Star Wars-themed project submissions.

Now, in the wake of the Star Wars weekend celebration of May the 4th (and Revenge of the 5th), a new and jaw-dropping LEGO MOC has appeared courtesy of builder Grant Davis. In honor of the unofficial holiday he created a diorama of a famous scene from The Force Awakens.

Surely anyone who’s seen the Star Wars sequel trilogy thus far would remember the establishing scene of Force-sensitive scavenger Rey spelunking inside the hulk of a Star Destroyer wreck on the planet Jakku. Davis put his mad building skills to work recreating the gutted interior, using lots of bricks (naturally).

The result is a magnificent rendition of the scene with Rey roping down from the Star Destroyer wreck’s ceiling. And this was only enhanced further by Grant Davis’ insane photography skills.

All in all, it’s a nice punctuation to May the 4th. Aside from the above video, you can check out more LEGO works from the hand of Grant Davis on his official YouTube channel.

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