First Entry on LEGO Ideas 2018 Second Review Stage: “SpaceX Falcon Heavy” Gets 10-K Support

Late last month, we shone a spotlight on a promising submission to LEGO Ideas, based on the rockets used by the SpaceX private enterprise. On this second week of June, we got word that a SpaceX-themed Ideas entry got the needed 10K support for review. This…is not that previously-featured submission.

It’s no surprise that other members on LEGO Ideas have the same, well, ideas on what they want to submit to the platform. Aside from the Matthew Nolan/Valerie Roche tandem that conceived the rockets of “SpaceX – The Ultimate Collection”, there’s khehmeyer who focused only on one: the SpaceX Falcon Heavy.

This particular MOC was submitted to LEGO Ideas only this early February, roughly the same time as when a real Falcon Heavy rocket took off on its maiden launch. The details are exquisite, with the removable rocket stages and boosters with the trademark SpaceX re-entry features like the landing struts.

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In terms of what’s on top, khehmeyer gives the option of having a Dragon astronaut crew capsule or the cargo delivery capsule. Unfortunately the included payload is only a satellite and not Elon Musk’s Tesla Roadster like in Nolan’s entry. Still, the whole package is meticulously yet easily put together.

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With the LEGO Ideas 2018 First Review Stage already underway, khehmeyer’s SpaceX Falcon Heavy becomes the first 10K submission to be listed for the Second Review Stage. We’re looking forward to what else will make the cut. One must wonder when the SpaceX Ultimate Collection submission might have its day.

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