LEGO BrickHeadz Jack Skellington and Sally (41630) Is Finally Arriving!

Perhaps one of the most unusual – and on that grounds, most successful – team-up projects in Disney’s history is the clay-animation masterpiece The Nightmare Before Christmas, conceived and produced by the wonderfully gothic fantasy mind of Tim Burton for the Touchstone Pictures label (with a later reissue under the Disney name).

On that note, it makes the lead characters of Pumpkin King Jack Skellington and his rag-doll secret admirer Sally, one of the most famous couples in the Disney umbrella. Last month, Wal-Mart spoiled that LEGO will give them the BrickHeadz treatment. Finally we get to see what they look like.

The two LEGO BrickHeadz sets of LEGO Jack and Sally are exactly as one would expect of figures interpreted in the signature BrickHeadz format. It’s interesting to note though that the colorings scheme actually seems to make Sally more vibrant that how she appeared in Nightmare, making it an improvement.

This latest LEGO BrickHeadz dual-pack offering celebrates the film’s 25th year anniversary and features Jack in his trademark monochromatic color scheme, with plenty of black and white printed parts. In contrast, Sally comes in a colorful ragdoll patchwork which makes this dual-set more adorable. The LEGO BrickHeadz Jack Skellington and Sally (41630) will retail for $19.99 and is expected to arrive in stores in October

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