LEGO’s SDCC 2018 Exclusive Items to Be Put on Lottery System

June is coming to an end which means, to many adherents of absolute geek-dom, the San Diego Comic Con or SDCC 2018 is now so close they could almost taste it. We already know that LEGO has a presence in the event, and that they even have a slew of exclusive items.

Most LEGO fans wanting to get their hands on such goodies as the Millennium Falcon Cockpit (75512) or the Aquaman minifigure with his seahorse mount Storm (75996) are resigned to the reality that there will be crowds. LEGO’s latest announcement may have just made the exclusives a matter of luck.

You see, they will be implementing a lottery system for all those visiting the LEGO booth at SDCC and want one of their event exclusives. In theory, it cuts down the long lines because those who get a ticket will have a chance for the items, while those at the back of the lines might be stuck waiting very long.

That pretty much leaves LEGO fans with a choice of joining the lottery for an exclusive, or braving the line and praying they don’t get sold out before reaching the counter. The SDCC 2018 will go on from July 19 to 22 at the San Diego Convention Center, so we don’t forget when and where.

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