More LEGO xtra Polybags Found: Playmat Surfaces for LEGO Set Building

Right at the start of this month we shone a spotlight on a little-hyped new product line from LEGO, for builders of sets and vignettes who need a wider variety of props. The LEGO xtra polybag sets promised plenty of accessories and window dressing for the benefit of dedicated builders. But when we mentioned that LEGO xtra was little-hyped, we also meant minimally stocked. The European LEGO stores that carried the polybags quickly had their stocks sold out. And no word has gone out yet on whether or not there will be LEGO xtra in the North American market anytime soon. Still, those who managed to buy any of the xtra polybags have shared a notable piece of information regarding this uncommon LEGO product line. The LEGO  xtra Playmat polybags have instruction sheets that also featured three more products of the xtra line: not more LEGO props, but three possible play-mats for setting vignettes.

The three additional LEGO xtra Playmat polybags each contain two plastic mats which, lain side by side, depicts a type of surface: roads (853840), grass (853841), and a sandy seashore (85342). Each play may also includes several LEGO pieces with matching colors to that of the mat surface.

We have no concrete idea how much these LEGO xtra Playmat polybags will cost, though it’s possible that they are priced higher than the preceding prop polybags (€3.99 apiece/$4.67). Again, these and the earlier xtra sets (40309 to 40313) are rare sights in Europe, and yet to appear in the US.

Image source: Brickset

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