Unveiling the LEGO Winter Fun VIP Add-on Pack 40610: A Sneak Peek at Our Next GWP Set

It’s November! By now, you’re probably prepping up for your annual custom LEGO Winter Village build. And here’s a fun and free way to add more fun to your build – LEGO has just introduced its new LEGO Winter Fun VIP Add-on Pack 40610.

Exploring the Newest Gift-With-Purchase Set – the LEGO Winter Fun VIP Add-on Pack 40610

If you recall, LEGO revealed a similar gift-with-purchase (GWP) polybag last month in the form of the LEGO Christmas Fun VIP Add-On Pack 40609.

Since LEGO has rolled out a similarly themed polybag freebie, I’m not quite sure if this is just a regional variation or an entirely new offering on top of set 40609. As of this posting, only LEGO Singapore and LEGO Malaysia are listing the LEGO Winter Fun VIP Add-on Pack 40610.

Nevertheless, the latest free giveaway is a welcomed addition to any winter-themed LEGO collection. Let’s dive in and see what we can expect from this new promotional item just in time for the holidays.

First Glimpse of the LEGO Winter Fun VIP Add-on Pack 40610

While the LEGO Winter Fun VIP Add-on expansion set is not yet available in the US, our friends in Singapore and Malaysia have the privilege of getting a first look at this delightful creation. Valued at $10, this free set is a welcome departure from the usual Christmas-themed sets, and offers a variety of winter-themed pieces that will spark your creativity.


Piece Count and Other Unique Parts

Featuring 142 parts, the LEGO Winter Fun VIP Add-on Pack includes plenty of interesting pieces centered around the winter season. Not including the white LEGO bricks, we can expect plenty of holiday pieces such as pine trees, brown LEGO pieces, a playful squirrel, and plenty of minifigure accessories such as skis, snowboards, a guitar, an axe, and more.

lego winter fun vip add-on

To add this set to your shopping cart for free, you will likely need to make a minimum purchase of $50 in the LEGO online shop. While the exact promotional period for December is yet to be confirmed, I’m really forward to seeing this in the LEGO US online shop and other regions as well.

For a more in-depth look at the 40610 Winter Fun set, you can visit LEGO’s Pick a Brick feature, where you can explore the list of included parts. Please note that the white house is not included in the set; it’s used to demonstrate how you can use these components to create your winter-themed models.

The Legacy of LEGO VIP Add-on Gift-With-Purchase Packs

Needless to say, the LEGO Winter Fun VIP Add-on 40610 expansion set is a remarkable addition to LEGO’s collection of VIP Add-on Packs. This release marks the tenth in the series, and it follows the success of nine unique VIP giveaways. If you recall, we also saw a LEGO Lunar New Year VIP Add-On Pack and a lot more similar gift-with-purchase packs from 2021.

Each of these small sets has had its own theme, often drawing inspiration from the seasons. In the case of winter, we now have the privilege of seeing a second polybag offering. This set stands out from its predecessor, the LEGO Winter Wonderland VIP expansion set 40514 from 2021, with its distinctive composition and fewer Trans-Light Blue elements for crafting icy landscapes.

LEGO fans have much to look forward to with the upcoming release of the LEGO Winter Fun VIP Add-on 40610. This unique promotional offering adds more fun to your LEGO winter collection and promises to spur your imagination to build more holiday-themed creations.

Stay tuned for more updates about this GWP set.

LEGO Christmas Fun VIP Add-On Pack 40609 GWP Set Coming Soon!

Note: The white LEGO bricks and pieces included in this featured image are not included in the LEGO Christmas Fun VIP Add-On Pack 40609 polybag. 

LEGO’s official online store has been updated again to reveal another exciting product. The LEGO Christmas Fun VIP Add-On Pack 40609 is the next gift-with-purchase set to watch out for as we gear up for the holiday sales rush.

As is customary with previous promotional LEGO polybags such as the LEGO Halloween Add-On Pack 40608this next offering is available with a qualifying purchase of LEGO sets worth $50 or more.

lego christmas fun vip

The LEGO Christmas Fun VIP Add-On Pack 40609 is adorned with an array of holiday-themed elements, including charming snowflakes, a jolly Santa hat, and a delectable assortment of food pieces. Previously exclusive to VIP members, these delightful element packs have now found a new home in the LEGO Insiders program.

A Closer Look at the LEGO Christmas Fun VIP Add-On Pack

lego christmas fun vip

Dazzling Decorative Features

For eager LEGO enthusiasts wondering about the contents of this polybag, it’s important to note that it does not include the white pieces needed to construct the house depicted on the official product page. Instead, it offers a splendid array of decorative elements that are sure to bring holiday cheer to your LEGO creations.

General Public Release Date

The LEGO Christmas Fun VIP Add-On Pack 40609 is the next GWP set slated to be released anytime soon. LEGO aficionados can expect this festive addition to their collection to become available to the general public in either November 2023 or December 2023. It will be conveniently accessible at LEGO.com, so mark your calendars for this exciting release.

Get Ready for a Merry LEGO Christmas

This delightful LEGO Christmas Fun VIP Add-On Pack is sure to bring joy and festivity to your holiday season. With a host of charming Christmas elements, it’s the perfect addition to your LEGO collection.

Keep an eye out for its general public release, and prepare to make this enchanting set part of your holiday celebrations. LEGO enthusiasts, both young and old, are in for a treat as they await this fantastic new addition to expand their next LEGO holiday builds.

LEGO Halloween Add On Pack 40608 Is Our Next Promotional Freebie

LEGO is adding more to the Halloween fun when it lifted the curtain for its latest addition to the LEGO polybag lineup. And just recently, LEGO.com has made it official with the reveal of the upcoming LEGO Halloween Add On Pack 40608 polybag.

Unveiling the LEGO Halloween Add On Pack 40608 – the next GWP Set to Watch Out For

lego halloween add on pack
White bricks and other larger pieces are not included.

The LEGO Halloween Add On Pack 40608 is a gift-with-purchase (GWP) set slated to cast a bewitching spell on builders, featuring a Halloween-themed extravaganza replete with an array of captivating elements.

This exclusive assortment boasts a menagerie of animals, an array of minifigure accessories, and a treasure trove of versatile pieces, including a duo of enchanting purple space helmets, medieval armor helmets, and a magician’s cap.

While LEGO has yet to officially confirm the purchase conditions for this year’s LEGO Halloween Add On Pack, the launch details of this exciting freebie are yet to be revealed. However, you can expect this post to be updated once more details roll in.

A Closer Look at the Elements Included in the LEGO Halloween Add On Pack 40608

The selection of elements featured in this Halloween-themed pack is nothing short of tantalizing. Whether you’re embarking on smaller, spine-tingling projects or grand, eerie edifices, the LEGO Halloween Add On Pack 40608 provides the creative LEGO pieces to unlock your creative brick-building potential.

If you’re thinking of tackling larger LEGO projects just in time for Halloween, then you might want to collect a bunch of these bags. That means you’ll have a lot of cool pieces to use for your spooky creations. I really like these packs and think they’re a great example of how LEGO always goes the extra mile in giving you plenty of building options.

Even though the VIP packs are limited by the fact that they are exclusives, it’s nice to see that this tradition is still alive and well in the new LEGO Insiders program. That way, both new and longtime LEGO fans can keep enjoying these awesome sets.

A Tradition of Themed Add On Packs

If you recall, the LEGO Halloween Add On Pack 40608 has its predecessors in the form of other themed add on polybags. Frankly, the concept is somewhat similar to the LEGO xtra theme, with the Add On packs basically offering significantly more LEGO elements and pieces that revolve around a particular concept. The LEGO VIP Add On Packs from 2021 represent a wide spectrum of themes such as Winterland, pirates, fun and funky, and similar spooky fun pieces. There’s also a Lunar New Year VIP Add On Pack that was released last year in time for the Chinese New Year celebrations.

Be sure to check the details and official images of the LEGO Halloween Add On Pack 40608 by visiting the affiliate link below.  Keep your radars up so you’ll never miss a bit about this exclusive offering.

LEGO Halloween Add On Pack 40608

118 pieces | Gift-With-Purchase Set | Release Date to be Announced

40608 alt1

LEGO Batman 1992 Polybag Official Images Revealed!

In case you missed it, the long-awaited official visuals of the LEGO Batman 1992 polybag 30653 have been released. LEGO Batman fans no longer have to rely on leaked images from various sources, as we now have an official look at this new and exciting polybag.

The LEGO Batman 1992 Polybag Offers a Nostalgic Throwback

lego batman 1992 polybag

The LEGO Batman 1992 polybag contains 40 pieces and features a minifigure of Batman in his Batman Returns version. The minifigure comes with a molded cape, capturing the iconic look of the character as seen in the 1992 film, Batman Returns. This polybag also offers a cost-effective way in adding this new minifigure version of the Caped Crusader to your collection. This polybag is a great alternative in case you’re still eyeing the much larger, and more expensive, LEGO Batcave – Shadow Box 76252 which also includes the said minifigure.

lego batman 1992 polybag

Additionally, the LEGO Batman 1992 polybag also includes pieces to construct a roof cornice with a gargoyle. And for eagle-eyed LEGO Batman fans out there, you may have noticed that this portion of the build is somehow reminiscent of the architectural details seen in the now-retired LEGO Batman 1989 Batmobile (76139), and the LEGO Batman 1989 Bat Wing (76161) sets. This allows fans to expand their display setups and provide a fitting backdrop for the minifigures.

LEGO Batman 1992 Polybag – Availability and Retail Price

lego batman 1992 polybag

The LEGO Batman 1992 polybag is currently available for purchase at JB Spielwaren for the price of €3.39. As of now, it is unclear whether LEGO plans to incorporate it into any future promotional offers related to the Batman license. We’re still on the lookout if ever this new polybag will be available at Target. But for now, it seems that this polybag offering is listed over at Amazon.  Please drop a comment if ever you spot this collectible over at your local stores.

Special thanks to Hothbricks for the tip.

LEGO Star Wars May the 4th 2023: Everything You Need to Know

LEGO Star Wars fans, mark your calendars because May the 4th event is just around the corner! Let’s take a look at the recently revealed LEGO Star Wars May the 4th offerings that will be available during this much-anticipated event. Plus the best deals and free gifts that you can grab during the celebrations.

LEGO Star Wars May the 4th 2023: Freebies with Purchases

This year’s LEGO Star Wars May the 4th promotions will run from May 1 to 7, 2023 as mentioned over at the LEGO online shop campaign page. However, many deals at individual retailers will remain unknown until the actual event kicks off on May 4th.

The LEGO online shop usually has the most important promotions for LEGO Star Wars fans during this event, even if the discounts are traditionally the lowest there. This is due to the often attractive new releases in the past, but above all, to the free gifts which can be yours for certain qualifying purchases. And these freebies can become quite expensive on reselling sites as we’ve seen in the past.

For this year, there will be a lot of LEGO Star Wars May the 4th free gifts that will be up for grabs or while supplies last. Now is the great time to be a LEGO VIP member since many of these freebies will be unlocked along with your VIP perks. As of to date, there are three Gift with Purchase (GWP) items that are already confirmed.

LEGO Star Wars Death Star II (40591)

MT4 Reveal Page 202304 Block Standard 1

The big freebie for this year’s May the 4th event is the LEGO Star Wars Death Star II (40591). This set is a miniature version of the 2nd Death Star and comes complete with a Return of the Jedi 40th Anniversary plaque. The set comes with LEGO 18+ branding in an exclusive black box and consists of 289 parts. However, there is no LEGO Star Wars minifigure to watch out for from this one. The minimum qualifying purchase to bag this set has dropped slightly compared to last year. This LEGO Star Wars May the 4th promo will be available for all LEGO Star Wars purchases of $150 or more. This gift-with-purchase set is scheduled to be available from May 1st to May 7th, 2023, while supplies last.

LEGO Star Wars Return of the Jedi 40th Anniversary Collectible (5007840)

MT4 Reveal Page 202304 Block Standard 2

As an additional free gift, there will be a Return of the Jedi 40th Anniversary Collectible in the form of an exquisite medal, available for a minimum qualifying purchase of $85. This shiny collectible silver medal is engraved with the Death Star II on one side and the LEGO Star Wars wording on the other. It comes packaged in a matching box and covered with a transparent blue hologram of the Death Star, shaped to resemble the data cartridge containing the plans for the Death Star.

LEGO Star Wars X Wing Starfighter (30654) Polybag

MT4 Reveal Page 202304 Block Standard 3

From a minimum purchase value of $40 or more, LEGO Star Wars fans will receive the LEGO Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter polybag which has been available since January. This free gift has a value of $3.99 and can already be found in various shops as well.

VIP Perks on LEGO Star Wars May the 4th

Double VIP Points

MT4 Reveal Page 202304 Block Standard 4

As we’ve seen before, this year’s May the 4th event will see the return of double VIP points. However, unlike last year, all LEGO Star Wars purchases for this year’s event come with double VIP points. Double VIP points mean that logged-in VIP customers will be credited with 10% of the purchase value in the form of VIP points. These points can later be exchanged for shopping vouchers or physical rewards both online and in-store.

20% Off on Selected LEGO Star Wars Sets

This year, customers will be able to unlock a 20% discount on selected LEGO Star Wars sets with VIP vouchers. The discount vouchers will cost 100 VIP points, which is equivalent to a dollar or more, and will probably be limited in number. The exclusive sets to which the discounts apply are yet to be confirmed so be sure to keep your brick radars on.

More Exciting LEGO Star Wars May the 4th Items Over at the VIP Rewards Center

Likewise, the VIP Rewards Center is also loaded with LEGO Star Wars sweepstakes and rewards to celebrate the occasion. Be sure to join the raffle and get your chance to get these exclusive prizes. Each raffle entry and reward has a required number of VIP points.

Sterling Silver R2-D2 (50 LEGO VIP points required per raffle entry)

MT4 Reveal Page 202304 Block Standard 5

Signed Imperial Star Destroyer 75252 (no VIP points required)

MT4 Reveal Page 202304 Block Standard 6

Limited Edition X-Wing Starfighter Print (3,500 VIP points to redeem)

MT4 Reveal Page 202304 Block Standard 7

LEGO Star Wars Bundle (25 points required per raffle entry)

MT4 Live Page 202304 Block Standard 14

LEGO Star Wars Create a Comic Book (redeem points to create your very own comic book)

MT4 Reveal Page 202304 Block Standard 8

X-Wing Digital Download (10 VIP points to redeem)

MT4 Reveal Page 202304 Block Standard 18


We’re just counting the days before May the 4th is finally here! Don’t forget to check our blog site for more LEGO Star Wars reveals in the next couple of days. Let me know in the comments below what particular LEGO Star Wars set you are looking forward to.

Make Way for These LEGO March 2023 Sets

UPDATED: The LEGO March 2023 sets are now available at LEGO.com! You can now purchase these sets directly at LEGO’s online shopping portal with the option of visiting a LEGO brand store near you. I’ve included in this list other LEGO March 2023 releases that I’ve posted before so you can have an overview of everything that LEGO has released for this month.

Since most of them point to affiliate links, it will be a big help for us if you will make your LEGO purchases using these. Which set or sets will be a Day 1 purchase for you? Let’s talk about it in the comments below.

[Original Post] We’re just counting the days before the next wave of LEGO March 2023 sets are released. And in case you missed my previous posts, here’s a rundown of the latest sets that you can expect once the clock strikes midnight on March 1, 2023.

Ranging from homegrown sets such as those coming from LEGO Creator, City, and Ideas themes to licensed IPs such as Disney, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and more, there’s definitely something that will catch your fancy. Check out the following list of LEGO March 2023 sets, and be sure to add them to your LEGO wishlist for notifications of their availability. These are affiliate links by they way, so any purchase that you will make using these links will be a go a long way in keeping up our blog site.


60357 Stunt Truck & Ring of Fire Challenge

LEGO March 2023


60359 Dunk Stunt Ramp Challenge

60359 1


60360 Spinning Stunt Challenge

60360 1


60361 Ultimate Stunt Riders Challenge

60361 1


LEGO Creator 3-in-1

31134 Space Shuttle

LEGO March 2023


31135 Vintage Motorcycle

31135 1


31136 Exotic Parrot

31136 1


31137 Adorable Dogs

31137 1


31138 Beach Camper Van

31138 1


31139 Cozy House

31139 1


31140 Magical Unicorn

31140 1


30640 Race Car Polybag



30643 Easter Chickens



LEGO BrickHeadz

40619 EVE & WALL•E

LEGO March 2023


40620 Cruella & Maleficent

40620 1


40621 Moana & Merida

40621 1


LEGO Speed Champions

76914 Ferrari 812 Competizione

LEGO March 2023


76915 Pagani Utopia

76915 1


76916 Porsche 963

76916 1


76918 McLaren Solus GT & McLaren F1 LM

76918 1



41808 Hogwarts Accessories Pack

41808 1


41809 Hedwig Pencil Holder

41809 1


41811 Hogwarts Desktop Kit

41811 1


LEGO Ideas

21339 BTS Dynamite

LEGO March 2023


LEGO Technic

42152 Firefighter Aircraft (Available for pre-order, will ship by March 1)

LEGO March 2023


42153 NASCAR® Next Gen Chevrolet Camaro ZL1

42153 1


42154 2022 Ford GT

42154 1 1



42155 1 1


LEGO Classic

11027 Creative Neon Fun

LEGO March 2023


11028 Creative Pastel Fun

11028 1


11029 Creative Party Box

11029 1


11030 Lots of Bricks

LEGO March 2023


11033 Creative Fantasy Universe

11033 1


LEGO Duplo

10981 Growing Carrot

10981 1


10982 Fruit and Vegetable Tractor

LEGO March 2023


10983 Organic Market

10983 1


10984 Organic Garden

LEGO March 2023


LEGO Disney

43219 Disney Princess Creative Castles​

LEGO March 2023


43220 Peter Pan & Wendy’s Storybook Adventure 

lego disney 43220 peter pan wendy 3 e1676770766664


LEGO Lord of the Rings

10316 Rivendell (Coming soon on March 8, 2023 in the US)

10316 1


LEGO Harry Potter

76409 Gryffindor™ House Banner

LEGO March 2023


76410 Slytherin™ House Banner

76410 1


76411 Ravenclaw™ House Banner

76411 1


76412 Hufflepuff™ House Banner

76412 1


76413 Hogwarts™: Room of Requirement

76413 1


76420 Triwizard Tournament: The Black Lake

LEGO March 2023


LEGO Star Wars

75349 Captain Rex™ Helmet

LEGO March 2023


75350 Clone Commander Cody™ Helmet

75350 1


75351 Princess Leia™ (Boushh™) Helmet

LEGO March 2023


LEGO Marvel Spidey and his Amazing Friends

10789 Spider-Man’s Car and Doc Ock

LEGO March 2023


10790 Team Spidey at Green Goblin’s Lighthouse

10790 1


10791 Team Spidey’s Mobile Headquarters

LEGO March 2023


New LEGO March 2023 Polybags Arriving Soon

German retailer JB Spielwaren has updated their home shopping portal once more to now include several new LEGO March 2023 polybags, slated to arrive first thing next month. This range of new polybag offerings covers themes such as Harry Potter, Speed Champions, and Creator themes, and will be available for approximately $3.99 each.

If you recall, the new LEGO Creator polybags included in this upcoming March release were already revealed earlier this January, with the exception of the Quidditch Practice and McLaren Solus GT.

Though the release date mentioned on these polybags are from an overseas retailer, we can safely assume that these new LEGO March 2023 polybags will also be released in the US alongside other LEGO March offerings.  LEGO.com’s building instructions page has been updated to now include listings of these upcoming polybags, though the actual building instructions are still to be published.

In the meantime, let’s take a look at these polybags up close and personal. For more information about these miniature collectibles, you may click on their respective links.

LEGO Creator Race Car (30640)

44 pieces | 3.99 Euro | Coming soon on March 1, 2023


LEGO March 2023 Polybags


LEGO Creator Easter Chickens (30643)

61 pieces | 3.99 Euro | Coming soon on March 1, 2023


LEGO March 2023 Polybags


LEGO Harry Potter Quidditch Practice (30651)

55 pieces | 3.99 Euro | Coming soon on March 1, 2023

30651 11286 LEGO March 2023 Polybags


LEGO Speed Champions McLaren Solus GT (30657)

95 pieces | 3.39 Euro | Coming soon on March 1, 2023

30657 20417 LEGO March 2023 Polybags

LEGO Marvel Doctor Strange’s Interdimensional Portal (30652) Now Available at Target

Last week, it was revealed that a new LEGO Marvel polybag featuring the MCU’s version of the Sorcerer Supreme will hit store shelves soon. And this time around, we now have confirmation of where you can find the latest LEGO Marvel Doctor Strange’s Interdimensional Portal (30652) polybag in your area.

As of this posting, Target has now listed this collectible polybag in its online and physical stores. Coming in at 44 pieces, this polybag features Doctor Strange as he uses a Sling Ring portal to travel to New York City. This polybag set also includes a bottle containing a magic potion, plus a miniature brick-built cardboard box. As I mentioned before, this is a great way to add this MCU version of Doctor Strange without breaking the bank.

In case you missed it, here are the official images coming from this LEGO Marvel Doctor Strange’s Interdimensional Portal (30652) polybag offering. Be sure to check out the Target store nearest you for this set’s availability.

LEGO Marvel Doctor Strange's Interdimensional Portal (30652) 30652 1 30652 3

More LEGO Polybags 2023 Revealed – Coming in March

After revealing a nice and cost-effective way to have an MCU-inspired LEGO Doctor Strange minifigure a few days ago, fans of these collectibles will be glad to know that there are more LEGO polybags 2023 that will arrive any time soon.

As more and more info comes in from LEGO fan sites such as from our friends over at Stonewars, we now get to see three more LEGO polybags 2023 sets that will be available in LEGO brand stores and 3rd party retailers worldwide in the next couple of months.

For those that are looking forward to completing their LEGO Disney minidolls, LEGO is now offering a great way of adding Moana and Pua to their collection.  There are also two LEGO Creator polybags included in the mix, both of which will be available in March just in time if you’re planning to add them as giveaways for this year’s Easter celebrations.

Take a look at some of the key features of these polybag collectibles and be on the lookout for these at any LEGO Store nearest you.

LEGO Disney Moana’s Dolphin Cove (30646)

47 pieces | 3.99 Euros | Available starting February, 2023

30646 26406


LEGO Creator Race Car (30640)

44 pieces | 3.99 Euros | Available starting March, 2023



LEGO Creator Easter Chickens (30643)

61 pieces | 3.99 Euros | Available starting March, 2023


New LEGO Marvel Doctor Strange 2023 Polybag Listed

Here’s a great way to have the minifigure version of the MCU’s Sorcerer Supreme added to your collection without breaking the bank. Referencing the penultimate film of the MCU Phase Four franchise, the LEGO Marvel Doctor Strange 2023 polybag takes its inspiration from The Multiverse of Madness and the many interdimensional portals that Strange uses in the film.

30652 1

The LEGO Marvel Doctor Strange’s Interdimensional Portal (30652) polybag comes in at 44 pieces. It features a minifigure version of Doctor Strange that can also be found on other Multiverse of Madness sets, such as the Gargantos Showdown (76205) and the Sanctum Sanctorum (76218).

The polybag offering also features a microscale version of the portals that Doctor Strange creates, together with a pretty clever micro build to give perspective on what’s on the other side of the portal.


This polybag is listed over at JB Spielwaren for 3.39 Euros and can be pre-ordered. Having this polybag is a better option if you wish to add Doctor Strange to the roster of your LEGO Marvel minifigures without spending too much as in the case of larger sets.

Keep an eye on your local LEGO or other hobby stores if you wish to be the first to have this LEGO Marvel Doctor Strange 2023 polybag. More updates on this polybag coming soon.

30652 29023 30652 70651