Manchester LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Welcomes Newly-Opened Great LEGO Race VR Experience

LEGO must have hit a gold mine in terms of fun fusions when they decided to develop and build a virtual reality roller coaster ride for their LEGOLAND theme parks. Well, to be precise, only two of them have the Great LEGO Race VR Coaster right now: Malaysia and Florida.

LEGO also offers a smaller-scale version of this attraction, the Great LEGO Race VR Experience which debuted at the Boston LEGOLAND Discovery Center. Not wishing to have one location hog such cool stuff, a second VR Experience has since been opened across the Atlantic at the Discovery Centre in Manchester.

The VR Experience version, for those not in the know, is a race sequence with LEGO vehicles and minifigures reminiscent of the Wacky Races shorts, running about two minutes and thirty seconds, viewed in the first person via VR goggles. All that’s lacking is the exhilaration of seeing that, while seated on a roller coaster.

Great LEGO Race

Nevertheless, the Manchester LEGOLAND Discovery Centre is thrilled to finally have the VR Experience as part of their attractions. “We were the first LEGOLAND Discovery Centre in the UK, and remain the largest,” says their general manager, Jenn. “So it is fitting that we are spearheading this entirely new concept.”

For those who wish to check out the UK’s first Great Lego Race VR Experience in Manchester, do note that it’s priced separately from the entry tickets to the LDC, with £5 for each “passenger”. Normally reserved to children accompanied by adults, grown-ups can avail of the LDC’s “AFOL Night” every first Wednesday of the month to enjoy the VR themselves, at the same prices.

VR fiends interested in going to Manchester to try this out can book their tickets at the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre – Manchester’s official website right here.

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