Check Out This Impressive LEGO Bahamut MOC From Final Fantasy X

We at The Brick Show try our best to bring to your attention not just news on official LEGO sets (or the aspiring ones from LEGO Ideas), but also to some of the awe-inspiring MOCs from the hands of some of the most skilled brick builders anywhere they may be. Lately we’ve focused on some really neat LEGO scale-model MOCs of certain sporting venues. This one we’re featuring on the other hand will go into the realms of fantasy. A Final Fantasy, that is. Builder Marius Herrmann has just completed an odd-year anniversary tribute to the hit Square-Enix RPG franchise with this gigantic LEGO Bahamut MOC.

His subject is one of Final Fantasy’s famous “summoned monsters”, entities from a mix of mythologies and fictions that can be called on to battle on behalf of the player’s party. This is Bahamut, King of Dragons, as rendered in Final Fantasy X for the PS2 released back in 2001.

LEGO Bahamut MOC

And the statistics on Herrmann’s Bahamut LEGO Bahamut MOC are no less impressive: its wingspan is a whole meter wide (3.2 feet), for instance. Even more incredible is its construction; not only did he use more than 10,000 LEGO pieces, most his materials are not orthodox brick shapes but more of the frilly elements. There are shield shapes, a LEGO car grill part, even plant stem parts.

According to Marius Herrmann via his Flickr page, this massive LEGO Bahamut MOC took him six months to assemble the model, and its respective platform stand. He finished and uploaded the photos on July 19, 17 years to the day when Square Enix released Final Fantasy X for PS2 in Japan. That’s a fantastic tribute (no pun intended).

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