LEGO Star Wars Betrayal at Cloud City (75222): First Set in “Master Builder” Series?

LEGO Star Wars Betrayal at Cloud City (75222)

By now the LEGO fan community has gotten their first good look at the high-quality images for the LEGO Star Wars Betrayal at Cloud City (75222) set; we don’t have to paint a picture on how awesome it looked. Now that the initial hype’s died down we can focus on smaller details, like some specific text in the product blurb.

Said blurb text notes that Betrayal in Cloud City (75222) will be the first in what’s being termed as the “LEGO Star Wars Master Builder” series. We’re already aware of the Ultimate Collectors’ Series (UCS) which include some of the most complicated LEGO Star Wars sets ever developed, but where does the Master Builder Series fit?

Apparently, the Master Builder Series might be used to designate LEGO Star Wars sets that are designed so that they could be used for play, as compared to most of the sets under UCS which are complex builds that – once assembled – are only fit for exhibition, primarily geared for AFOLs.

It should be recalled that the LEGO Star Wars UCS thing started in 2000 with complex display-only sets, though in following years they added “playable” products like the Assault on Hoth (75098) battleground play-set or the LEGO Star Wars UCS Naboo Starfighter (10026) from 2002.


With the advent of a new labeling scheme, LEGO can now perhaps make a distinction between their Star Wars tie-in sets, with the all-ages playable sets under Master Builder and older-ages display models under UCS. For now, we can be content to wait for further clarification from LEGO, with Betrayal at Cloud City (75222), the first of its kind, coming very soon on October 1.

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  1. Did somebody recognise the secret hairdresser in carbon freeze chamber, who adjusted Solo’s hair for carbon block style?

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