Sainsbury’s in the UK to Reoffer LEGO Collectible Trading Cards

LEGO trading cards

It seemed like it was only last month – which it was – when we covered a special release of LEGO Star Wars collectible trading cards, courtesy of the publisher of the official LEGO Star Wars Magazine in Europe. They started becoming available this August, some of them being “limited-edition” extras to issues of various LEGO Magazines.

So speaking of LEGO trading cards, there will be more of them coming out soon on that side of the Atlantic. While the LEGO Star Wars cards started arriving in Germany, this one’s going to be in the UK, courtesy of major supermarket chain Sainsbury’s.

This is a repeat of a similar exclusive LEGO tie-in with Sainsbury’s last year, the Create the World special set which featured trading cards that could be bought or earned with minimum purchase at their various superstores and convenience stores. The retailer broke the news of its return on Twitter.

As can be read from Sainsbury’s tweet, while we know their tie-in LEGO collectible trading cards are coming back, the date for that return hasn’t been spoiled yet. It’s probably going to be soon, so like with other LEGO news, UK LEGO fans will have to wait for more details.

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