Sit Back and Relax With This Functional LEGO Coffee Table MOC

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It’s not much of a secret that plenty of engineers and architects could credit their decision to choose their careers, and even their inspiration on new designs and builds, to LEGO and its wide variety of products. After all, building outside the box is what LEGO fosters best in their customers. Case in point, it’s been possible to use LEGO pieces to create sturdy and functional constructs; something like a LEGO coffee table MOC that doesn’t use nails, screws or any adhesives to hold it together. Nothing but the snug interlocking mechanism of LEGO bricks keeps it whole.


This custom LEGO coffee table was the brainchild of art director Yusong Zhang from Los Angeles. Featured on the online architecture, interior and design mag Dezeen, the table is white on the outside while its interior, viewable on the sides, has other layers of colors. Over 10,000 bricks of only 2×4 dimensions were used on this project.


In Zhang’s own admission, he says he has never tested the durability of his LEGO MOC table, but that it’s able to support the weight of legs swung over it. “I always had love for LEGO as a toy,” says Zhang. “But [I] wanted to challenge myself to build something truly functional without sacrificing the aesthetic and creativity that’s rooted in LEGO designs.”

His LEGO coffee table MOC was built for his personal use, but he’s open to interested people with custom orders for more. Each table would take him possibly about three weeks of assembly.

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