Brick by Brick Permanent LEGO Exhibit Announced for the Science Center of Iowa

We always try to keep an eye out for news items that highlight just how fun and effective LEGO can be as an educational tool. On Wednesday, August 1, the Science Center of Iowa in Des Moines made a LEGO-related announcement that we’re now going to shine a spotlight on. The SCI usually serves as a home for a wide variety of science-related exhibits and displays that come and go with the seasons and important events. But now they’re planning a new addition to their uncommon permanent exhibits, build entirely of LEGO bricks and aptly named as Brick by Brick.

“Brick by Brick” is described by SCI President and CEO Curt Simmons as an exhibit to inspire children to “think and build”. That’s because the exhibit will be composed of an eclectic collection of architectural masterpieces, from the Roman Colosseum of ancient times to modern-day edifices like the St. Louis Gateway and Golden Gate Bridge.

These structures will be replicated in scale by using LEGO, the Golden Gate Bridge mentioned will be a 60-feet long brick-build, and that won’t be the only one. Simmons says “Brick by Brick” marks a shift in the exhibit strategy for the Science Center of Iowa, “an investment in the experience that our visitors can expect on a daily basis.”

The inspiration for “Brick by Brick” at the SCI comes from Iowa’s implementation of new standards in teaching science at school, calling for added lessons in engineering principles. Indeed, rather than just gawk at the LEGO architecture visiting schoolchildren will also be given a space and a pile of LEGO pieces to practice their structural design ideas with accompanying lessons.

Brick by Brick is set to debut at the Science Center of Iowa on Labor Day, September 5, as a permanent part of the museum.

Source: WhoTV

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