Build the Future Event Featured at the Annual LEGO Park Holon in Israel

Ever since early July, Peres Park on the city of Holon in Israel has been host to an annual summer event brought to them courtesy of The LEGO Group, transforming the humble public garden into the lively LEGO Park. Filled with LEGO-themed amusement rides, attractions and interactive activities, it comes off as a seasonal taste of the permanent LEGOLAND theme parks to a country that doesn’t have one yet.

On its final month, LEGO Park Holon, held at the Toto Arena in Peres Park, is now focusing its promotion on an interactive attraction called The Dream Tower, a skyscraper under construction where children are given free rein to build it up using building cranes and conveyor belts bringing near-countless LEGO bricks to use. Participants are even given hard hats and yellow work vests to wear.

lego park

Putting the spotlight on an exhibit that’s built by children is brilliant considering the current theme of LEGO Park Holon, which is being held there for the sixth year in a row this 2018. The theme is “Building the city of the future”, and it somehow coincides with a recent advertising campaign developed for LEGO that goes “Build the Future”.

LEGO Park Holon
Lego Park in Holon

Other attractions at LEGO Park Holon are a LEGO Ferris wheel, a castle themed after LEGO Friends, a LEGO Marvel bungee jump platform (with LEGO Spider-Man prominent on the imagery), a kiddie electric train and big plasma screens featuring the latest LEGO videogames from WB Interactive and Traveller’s Tales. Security and safety personnel at the park are dressed like Minifigures from LEGO police station sets.

LEGO Park Holon
Lego Park in Holon

LEGO Park Holon is still ongoing and will wind down on August 31. Holon city is only due south along the coast from Tel Aviv where a recent LEGO exhibit was also held last July.

Source: Holland Review

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