Avengers: Infinity War DVD/Blu-Ray Comes With Free Teen Groot Minifigure Key Chain (5005244) on Sainsbury’s this September


In the aftermath of the disintegrating conclusion to Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War on cinemas this past April, among the plentiful LEGO tie-in items that came out was a polybag for a minifigure keychain of Teen Groot (5005244). It’s been available at LEGO Stores and shop.LEGO.com (via May promo) since. Now, Infinity War has also been available for digital download since the end of July and on DVD/Blu-Ray since the middle of this month. But UK store chain Sainsbury’s isn’t releasing their home media for the film until September 3 next month, and it comes with a nice surprise: a FREE Teen Groot minifigure key chain that LEGO fans will surely welcome.

FREE Teen Groot minifigure keychain

Long story short, Sainsbury’s shoppers who would purchase Avengers: Infinity War on DVD, Blu-Ray and Ultra HD Blu-Ray will receive a free Teen Groot minifigure key chain (5005244). That’s another means of acquiring a representation of the heroic (and sadly doomed) adolescent talking tree before Avengers 4 arrives 2019.

Aside from this upcoming Infinity War home media promo, Sainsbury’s is still in the middle of its ongoing promo period for the second wave of LEGO collectible cards for the new Create the World line “Incredible Inventions”. All in all, the UK store chain’s shaping up to be a great place to get some peripheral LEGO products such as these.

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