LEGO Star Wars Han Solo Mud-Trooper (40300) Minifigure Spotted In LEGOLAND Store Germany

Fans of Star Wars, especially those of a certain inclination, might say that the hype for Solo didn’t die to thunderous applause the way the Old Republic did to become Palpatine’s Empire. For more casual followers, it really doesn’t matter. For LEGO fans, they might argue that the tie-in sets at least were quite cool. Aside from the big box sets, there were also LEGO Star Wars polybags for Solo that got revealed earlier on. Some, like the Han Solo Mud-Trooper (40300), were originally presented as exclusive Toys ‘R’ Us freebies. We all know what happened; but that also left the status of these polybags in limbo for some time.

Han Solo Mud-Trooper (40300)

We can stop wondering now. Promobricks from Germany has just broken the news that since the last weekend of July, LEGO Stores in that country, particularly the one at their LEGOLAND Deutschland in Günzburg, have the Han Solo Mud-Trooper (40300) as a gift-with-purchase polybag.

lego starwars 40300 legoland2

Yes, word is that certain Solo-related LEGO Star Wars sets were going to be released in August 1. But some LEGO markets love jumping the gun, and Germany did by a few days. Plus, any LEGO Star Wars total purchase of at least €65 at LEGOLAND Deutschland’s store gets a free Han Solo Mud-Trooper (40300) minifigure polybag.

Well, it’s now the first day of August as of this writing, so we can expect other LEGO Stores to start offering the scheduled release sets for this day. And now we know that will also include the LEGO Star Wars Mud-Trooper Han Solo (40300).

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