Imperial Probe Droid and More Included in LEGO Star Wars UK Mag Issue 38

A few times before we covered issues of the official LEGO Star Wars Magazine published in the UK, and the nifty special minifigures or polybags that came with them. Well now, LEGO Star Wars UK edition has brought out its issue 38 featuring two limited-edition polybags; one fixed and the other randomly chosen and added. The latest giveaways for LEGO Star Wars UK mag are an Imperial probe droid as seen in Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back, accompanied in the packaging by a random polybag featured from previous issues. Apparently they still have a few pieces left to distribute.

From a certain point of view, the Imperial probe isn’t entirely new itself. Such a probe droid was already included in a past issue of LEGO Star Wars UK mag from two years ago. This time though, it comes with extra bricks to build a stand.

LEGO Star Wars UK Mag

Now as always, you can expect articles, LEGO Star Wars comics, posters, puzzles and games, plus build instructions to make more models and fixtures from the Galaxy Far, Far Away. This LEGO Star Wars UK mag is now available in the UK at £5.99 a copy.


For those who are curious, LEGO Star Wars magazine UK edition has already spoiled what comes next in their issue 39 for September, a minifigure of prequel-era Obi-Wan Kenobi in pilot gear with a lightsaber. It’s up to you if you’ll get the Imperial probe plus extra old set now, or save for next month.

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