LEGO Incredibles Video Game Gets Summer-Themed DLC: Parr Family Vacation Pack

It’s now close on to a couple of months since the official release of LEGO Incredibles, the WB Interactive-Traveller’s Tales videogame adaptation of the Disney-Pixar 3D-animated franchise. That title blends together elements from the original 2014 movie and some from its sequel, which had premiered simultaneously with the release date. With LEGO Incredibles now likely available with many of its target fandom, it’s a great time for WBI-TT to start dropping their downloadable content, similar to the title’s plethora of sibling games. And the developers have been only too eager to oblige at last because we now have the LEGO Incredibles Parr Family Vacation Pack DLC to celebrate summer.

The Parr Family Vacation Pack provides the Incredibles and their steadfast ally Frozone with the appropriate duds for a great day out in the beach. No masks to keep their secret identities with though, but who cares? It’s all good fun.

Parr Family Vacation Pack

About the only shortcoming to this LEGO Incredibles DLC is the lack of a new playable stage to go along with the new duds. Oh well, it’s still plenty cool considering summer is still on. The Parr Family Vacation Pack retails for £1.59 or $2, available on PC/Xbox starting today.

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