LEGO Overwatch Sets Coming in 2019.

Does anyone still recall last May, when came the seemingly joking news that LEGO was collaborating with PC game heavyweight Activision Blizzard to create some tie-ins for their most popular (and non-real-time strategy) game title Overwatch? If it needs repeating, yes it’s real, and this new bit of news confirms that LEGO Overwatch sets are really happening. Just as in April, when the newly-minted Wizarding World over-franchise comprising Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts was given a dedicated page all its own over at to display its tie-in LEGO products, so too now does Activision Blizzard’s Overwatch also receive that rare honor.

And just like with the first appearance of the LEGO Wizarding World mini-page, right now the LEGO Overwatch page is pretty bare-bones; just the Overwatch game logo and a teaser slogan reading: “Let’s get this moving!” We’re pretty sure it’ll be filled with information on upcoming LEGO tie-in sets soon enough.

As for what we might expect, the LEGO Overwatch page details might give hints. The faded background image is believed to be the Numbani stage, and the teaser line is what the game’s face character Tracer says whenever she pushes the payload cart in an Escort map. The best bet is that they’re battleground play-sets based on the mini movies such as this.

We also have an estimate on when these LEGO Overwatch sets will come out. The copyright at the bottom says 2019, so it looks like we might be waiting until early next year at the minimum. LEGO hasn’t quite failed with its franchise tie-ins yet; and I sincerely believe they won’t start with Overwatch. For now, lets appreciate how LEGO fans came up with their own version of custom LEGO Overwatch minifigs such as this one from Kaiju Dan.

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