Largest LEGO Great Ball Contraption Sets A New Guinness World Record

One of the most popular types of MOC to be made out of the LEGO Technic line is the so-called Great Ball Contraption. It’s essentially a variation of the sequentially complex and cumbersome “Rube Goldberg machine”, the only objective of which is to get a ball from A to B. The Great Ball Contraption has always been a crowd favorite among LEGO fan convention for its dazzling movements and amazing accuracy. A particular LEGO user group in Denmark has decided to take up the challenge of creating the largest LEGO Great Ball Contraption yet devised, building their project at Copenhagen’s LEGO World Denmark. Maico Arts completed a gigantic setup composed of 259 Technic modules assembled end to end to form the longest ball path.

It’s so long in fact that, once a ball starts rolling in this machine, despite all the Technic mechanisms helping it along, it would take 40 mesmerizing minutes to reach the end. The ball itself will pass through plenty of bridges, spinning wheels, and will even get shot up in the air, into a basketball hoop. Check out this video of the world record-breaking, largest LEGO Great Ball Contraption in the world.

This Largest LEGO Great Ball Contraption was put together by Maico Arts and his Dutch-Danish collaborators. He has had plenty of practice with it too, having once created contraptions that were featured on Guinness World Records thrice before. This creation is the fourth time he got in.

“To setup a circuit like this takes a long time,” says Maico Arts. “We started in the morning on the day before opening and ending late in the evening on that day.” He had succeeded in reclaiming the Guinness Record from Dalian Boca Education & Technology Co. Ltd.; in 2016 they had completed a Largest Ball Contraption with 197 modules.

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