New Trailer of LEGO DC Super-Villains Shows New Character Customization Feature

It’s getting close to about two months before Warner Bros. Interactive and Traveller’s Tales unleash their latest “bad”, but seriously good videogame title, LEGO DC Super-Villains. A lot has already been revealed about the game, particularly the plot and gameplay elements as seen last month during the San Diego Comic Con. However, it’s been a while since a new preview of LDCSV came out, and though this latest tease is particularly not that much, but we do get a glimpse on the practical application of how the game’s player character minifigure will be customized into a super-villain that could rub elbows with the Joker, Lex Luthor, and all the rest.

As shown in the mini-trailer posted on LEGO’s official Twitter account, we have the customizable main character controlled by the player, a regular crook in an orange prison jumpsuit. Here’s where the collectible in-game accessories come in, which upon being worn by the minifig character, gives him super-villain abilities.

Examples shown in the teaser are a “Viking Helmet” that apparently gives a head-butt or charge attack, “Falcon Wings” to enable flight and attacks from midair, “Chest Armor” to do football-style tackles, and one of Harley Quinn’s spare “Jester Hats” that apparently help cause chaos to everyone and everything around.

Of course, the ability descriptions above are only guesswork we’ve done from the accessory descriptions, but it does jive with the full character customization potential of LEGO DC Super-Villains that’s been the selling point for the game. We’ll wait until October 16 – or the next LDCSV trailer – to check if our ideas for the custom accessory items were spot on. For now this latest video game offering is now available for pre-order via Amazon retailing for $75.

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