Unikitty! Sparkle Party Season 1 Animated Series Now Available in DVD

Unikitty! Sparkle Party

It’s always great whenever one character of an ensemble cast in a film or TV series becomes a breakout popular star, to the point that they eventually get a show or movie of their own. Where LEGO media is concerned, among the best-known ones are LEGO Batman and Princess Unikitty from 2014’s The LEGO Movie.The latter not only got to headline her own animated series, Unikitty! on Cartoon Network, but also launched quite a respectable product line around herself and her own circle of characters. Her show premiered with special episodes late 2017, fully starting New Year’s Day 2018. Having racked up quite a number of episodes for its inaugural season, Warner Bros., LEGO and Snipple Animation are ready to make the first part of Unikitty! season 1 available for home media. Season 1 of Unikitty! Sparkle Party is now available in DVD, consisting of 20 of the over 30 episodes aired so far.


Unikitty! stars the familiar voice talents of Tara Strong as the titular character, Grey Griffin as her brother Puppycorn, plus Kate Micucci and Roger Craig Smith. While season 1 has yet to wind down on Cartoon Network, a second season has already been announced by the network back in July.

The Unikitty! Sparkle Party DVD is a great catch for fans of the hyper and cute LEGO unicorn-cat royal and Master Builder to tide themselves over until her major big-screen return next year on The LEGO Movie: The Second Part.

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