LEGO Star Wars All-Stars Studio Experience in Sydney, Australia Celebrates Father’s Day

LEGO Star Wars All-Stars Studio Experience

The primary draw for playing with LEGO sets and minifigures has always been the opportunity to imaginatively play out stories and adventures with the characters, props and settings provided by the massive toy line. Some have taken things further by producing elaborate stop-motion mini-movies with their LEGO sets, uploaded online. Even The LEGO Group is getting into this craze, and they want to share the set-movie making experience with Australians in Sydney next month. This is the LEGO Star Wars All-Stars Studio Experience, a prime opportunity for parents and their children to bond by learning to shoot mini-films using LEGO Star Wars sets and minifigures in stop-motion.

Interested parent-and-child pairs can head on over to the Comber Street Studios in Paddington, Sydney where they will first sit down to a one-hour class on stop-motion animation and filming techniques. Then, they’ll have the run of the studio and provided LEGO Star Wars sets: posing minifigures and props, filming, editing and even voicing their very own Star Wars movies.

While the LEGO Star Wars All-Stars Studio Experience event is free, interested participants need to book tickets in advance, and they better hurry because this happens on Father’s Day Weekend, September 1 and 2. But what a Father’s Day gift for Aussie dads this is! After they’re done producing their LEGO Star Wars stop-motion movie, they can bring it home in video form. Thanks to Star Wars fan site for bringing our attention to this special event.

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