LEGO Store September Calendar Teases On Two LEGO Exclusive Sets for VIP Members

Last week at the beginning of August, we had our good look at what comes next with LEGO at their Store Calendar for September 2018. Aside from the debut of so many new sets from best-selling lines such as LEGO Friends and LEGO Harry Potter, they also teased something special for VIP Members from the 13th to the month’s end. What that means is that two LEGO exclusive sets are being offered Early Access to those who availed of the LEGO VIP program. One of those two mystery sets has been hinted to be the long, long-rumored LEGO Star Wars UCS Cloud City set, but what about the other one?

LEGO Exclusive sets

It’s only rumor at the moment, but there’s a possibility that the second September LEGO exclusive might be the 2018 version of the annual-release LEGO Creator Expert Winter Village set. One only needs to look back at the Winter Village Station (10259) released last year to know how great a new set might look.

And that early access release is appropriate for next month, especially in recent years when countries who do celebrate Christmas and the winter Holidays tend to start promoting these related events as early as September.

Anyway, we’ll have plenty of time to further speculate as we go through August. The VIP Early Access LEGO exclusive sets will start becoming available from September 13 to the 30th.

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