UK’s Fairy Bricks Charity To Raise Funds Through Bikes to Billund 8-Day Cycle Trip

When you just look for it, you can find LEGO everywhere around you; not just in homes, playgrounds, schools and even public exhibits, but everywhere. That includes charitable organizations like Fairy Bricks, a UK-based charity that specializes in donating new LEGO sets to children’s hospitals and clinics for child patients. Of course, having so many recipient hospitals to donate LEGO sets to, means that Fairy Bricks need to generate funding for them. They have several avenue events to do so, such as the annual Bricktastic LEGO show in Manchester. And then, there is the Bikes to Billund charitable cycling event.

This has got to be one of the biggest and most physically challenging events to be done in the name of LEGO charity. Participants from Fairy Bricks will brave a grueling 8-day bike trip, from England, a ferry ride across the North Sea, and a final cross-country journey through the Netherlands, Germany and up north into Denmark to reach Billund.


The starting point is at the Leicester Square flagship LEGO Store in London on September 20. The ferry departs from Harwich, England and docks at Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Finally, the terminal point for the “Bikes to Billund” journey is The Home of the Brick aka LEGO House. Optimally, the group hopes to make it there by September 27 to join in on the Skaerbaek event.

Interested parties in the UK might try to head to the Leicester Square LEGO Store on September 20 to see the Fairy Bricks cycling team off. Then they can show support for Fairy Bricks by donating to their fundraising page for the “Bikes to Billund” challenge here. Alternatively, they can also channel their donations to Fairy Bricks’ Paypal page here. Finally, we wish the Fairy Bricks cycling team good luck for their odyssey next month.

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