2018 LEGO Seasonal Christmas Carousel (40293) Revealed

Christmas Carousel (40293)

Christmas seems to be around the corner as early as September, specially that LEGO has now started rolling out this year’s wave of holiday-inspired sets. After the reveal of 2018’s LEGO Advent Calendars which are now all available at shop.LEGO.com, we now have a glimpse and confirmation of another seasonal set that will soon be available in our local LEGO Stores. The 2018 LEGO Seasonal Christmas Carousel (40293) has just been revealed by a Russian LEGO certified store. Check out the images below.

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As we can see from the set’s box art, the Christmas Carousel (40293) is expected to be a limited edition set, following the likes of 2017’s Nutcracker (40254) and 2016’s Snowglobe (40223). Though the Russian LEGO certified store lists the Christmas Carousel for sale, it is most likely to be a gift-with-purchase set once it arrives in the US similar to its predecessors. It also seems to have certain play features that includes a simple rotating mechanism to make the carousel turn. It also has movable gates and removable seats in the form of microbuilds.

We do not have information as of now with regards to its availability, but most probably it will be available sometime in November as part of Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals similar during the previous years.

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