LEGO Taco Stand GWP Set Available in LEGO Stores in Mexico

LEGO Mexico unveils a collectible gift-with-purchase (GWP) set inspired by the iconic taco stand, available exclusively in LEGO Stores across Mexico. LEGO fans in Mexico are in for a treat as the LEGO Group’s Mexican division introduces the new LEGO Taco Stand GWP set centered around the famous taco stand. This limited edition set promises to be a delightful addition to any LEGO collection, especially if you’re into building and collecting LEGO City sets.

Discovering the LEGO Taco Stand GWP

The LEGO Store in Mexico, known as legostoresmx on Instagram, has officially announced the arrival of a new and exciting gift-with-purchase. This particular GWP set pays homage to the beloved Mexican culinary tradition of tacos and captures the essence of a vibrant Taco stand in the form of LEGO bricks.

Exclusive Availability of the LEGO Taco Stand GWP Set at LEGO Certified Stores in Mexico

lego taco stand gwp

This LEGO promotional set, named and certified as LCS MX Special GWP Taco Stand, is specifically designated for LEGO-certified stores in Mexico. The title itself indicates that this unique set will remain exclusive to LEGO enthusiasts within Mexico’s borders. This exclusivity adds an extra layer of allure to the LEGO Taco Stand GWP, especially since it is made clear that it will not be offered anywhere else.

Limited Time Availability and Pricing Details

Though the official announcement makes it clear that the LEGO Taco Stand GWP has already been rolled out starting May 12, it does not specify until when the offer will expire. But it is right to assume that the LEGO Taco Stand GWP set will be available in Mexico for a limited period, or until supplies last.

To secure this collectible set, LEGO customers will need to make a qualifying purchase of $3,999 MXN, equivalent to around $227 USD as per current currency conversion rates.

Taking a Closer Look at LEGO Taco Stand GWP Set

The LEGO Taco Stand GWP set showcases an intricately designed build that features a minifigure cook positioned behind a counter. Alongside the minifigure, a trompo (or a traditional rotating meat grill) and an assortment of toppings await for LEGO minifigures to craft and enjoy their perfect taco creation. An eye-catching archway adorns the backdrop, housing two bowls and a counter design promoting the LEGO tacos.

Will There be Building Instructions for This?

Due to the set’s distinct name and thematic focus, it is highly unlikely that the LEGO Taco Stand GWP will be available outside of Mexico. Nevertheless, for those residing elsewhere who desire to experience the joy of this taco stand-inspired set, the possibility of recreating is not far-fetched. If the unique designs on the set are not printed, LEGO fans can somehow replicate this build. Especially if there’s a kind soul out there might share the building instructions in creating this piece.

LEGO collectors and fans of Mexican cuisine alike can rejoice as the LEGO Taco Stand GWP set offers a captivating and exclusive addition to LEGO collections. With its intricate design and vibrant representation of a cultural icon, this limited edition set promises to be a cherished item for LEGO fans in Mexico.

LEGO Friends Summer 2023 Sets Officially Revealed – Arriving in June!

In case you missed it, LEGO has already officially revealed some of its LEGO Friends Summer 2023 sets together with its other homegrown themes such as LEGO City, Ninjago, Monkie Kid, and the latest Dreamzzz sets among others.

Though only a handful is listed at as of this posting, thanks to a Dutch LEGO fan site Bouwsteentjes, we can now have a comprehensive look at these upcoming LEGO Friends Summer 2023 sets. Take a sneak peek into these new and exciting additions.  Please note that this list may be subject to change, and I’ll continue to update this as soon as new information comes in. Now, let’s explore this remarkable wave of LEGO Friends sets that will be hitting the shelves soon!

What To Expect From the LEGO Friends Summer 2023 Sets


May 21, 2023 – has been updated and has now listed all the LEGO Friends Summer 2023 sets that we can expect this June. I also revised the set names and prices to reflect their official product titles, product description, and US prices respectively. Click on the following affiliate links to know more.

Beach Buggy Fun (41725)

61 pieces | Includes Liann and Zac minidolls, plus pug and dolphin figures | $10.99 | This new LEGO Friends summer 2023 set is coming soon on June 1, 2023

lego friends summer 2023

Kids aged 4 and up who love to play at the beach can create stories with the LEGO® Friends Beach Buggy Fun (41725) building set. This toy set helps kids learn to build while they get creative with characters Liann and Zac. Liann’s energy and enthusiasm make her a great match for outgoing Zac. Accessories include a food cooler with a banana and an ice cream. The set also comes with a toy beach buggy and a wave, plus a pug and a dolphin.

Sea Rescue Boat (41734)

717 pieces | Includes Aliya, Nova, Captain Gannar and Marco minidolls, plus 3 dolphin figures | $79.99 | This new LEGO Friends summer 2023 set is coming soon on June 1, 2023

41734 1

Kids who care about the natural world can learn about ocean life with this detailed LEGO® Friends Sea Rescue Boat toy building set for ages 7 and up. The set comes with a buildable catamaran that doubles up as a laboratory, plus a small submarine toy. Kids can act out sea rescue stories as they roll the boat over the trash to capture it in the boat’s nets, ready for recycling. Nova and Aliya didn’t think that they had much in common with one another but are becoming closer as they take on this shared mission.

Sea Rescue Center (41736)

376 pieces | Includes Autumn, Kayla and Leo minidolls, plus 2 sea otters, a sea horse and sea turtle figures | $49.99 | This new LEGO Friends summer 2023 set is coming soon on June 1, 2023

lego friends summer 2023

Kids ages 7 and up who love animals can act out ocean stories with this LEGO® Friends Sea Rescue Center (41736) toy. The set comes with 3 mini-dolls and 2 sea otters, a seahorse and a sea turtle, plus lots of accessories to inspire pretend play. Kids can use the water scooter to pull up to the dock, then head inside to clean, x-ray and feed the otters. Then they can help the otters slide into the rehabilitation area. When the otters are well again, they can swim back into the ocean. Accessoriesinclude a life vest, feeding bottle, walkie-talkie, treasure chest, camera, computer, microscope, syringe and an X-ray machine.

Beach Amusement Park (41737)

1,348 pieces | Includes Zac, Nova, Dia and Charli minidolls | $119.99 | This new LEGO Friends summer 2023 set is coming soon on June 1, 2023


This LEGO® Friends set has been designed with older kids in mind and offers an advanced building challenge with lots of fun details. Kids aged 12 and up who love problem-solving can stretch their skills as they build all the features of the LEGO Friends Beach Amusement Park (41737) toy. This set includes LEGO Technic™ elements, which give this impressive build added movement and realism. There’s a carousel with a double rotation function, a wave machine with a moving surfer and a shooting gallery game where the 2 rows of targets move from side to side in opposite directions. The set also comes with 4 characters so kids can create different scenes to show off their build.

Sports Center (41744)

832 pieces | Includes Niko, Leo, Ivanna and Hanna minidolls | $94.99 | This new LEGO Friends summer 2023 set is coming soon on June 1, 2023

lego friends summer 2023

Give sports-loving kids ages 8 and up a treat with this LEGO® Friends Sports Center (41744) toy. The set comes with 4 mini-dolls and lots of accessories. It includes 1 field that can be transformed by swapping the goals and nets for the different sports. The set also includes holders for the mini-dolls and different balls so kids can make the characters play for real. After soccer practice, swap the goals for a tennis net and fire balls over it. Then switch to a basketball hoop and learn how toscore a basket. There’s also a scoreboard and a spot to keep the balls safe. Inside the sports center building, kids can explore the gym, climbing wall and locker room.

Autumn’s Horse Stable (41745)

545 pieces | Includes Autumn and Aliya minidolls, plus 2 horse figures | $59.99 | This new LEGO Friends summer 2023 set is coming soon on June 1, 2023

41745 1

Give little horse lovers ages 7 and up a treat with this LEGO® Friends Autumn’s Horse Stable (41745) buildable toy. The set comes with Autumn and Aliya mini-dolls, plus 2 horse characters and accessories for creative play. Kids can care for the horses and hitch them to the carriage, before going for a ride. They can enjoy getting to know the characters too. Autumn and Aliya have very different personalities but are the best of friends. They are just as happy spending quiet time together as theyare having adventures. Above the stables, there is a cozy kitchen and a sleeping area complete with hay beds. Just what every horse lover dreams of!

Horse Training (41746)

134 pieces | Includes Aliya and Mia minidolls, plus 2 horse figures | $29.99 | This new LEGO Friends summer 2023 set is coming soon on July 1, 2023

lego friends summer 2023

Kids aged 4 and up who love horses and animal care can create lots of imaginative stories with this LEGO® Friends Horse Training 41746 stable building set. This toy set helps kids learn to build and comes with Aliya and Mia mini-dolls, plus 2 horse characters and accessories for creative play. Kids can explore the relationship between Aliya and her friend’s mom, Mia, as the two bond over their shared love of horses.

Heartlake City Community Kitchen (41747)

695 pieces | Includes Leo, Alba, Abuelita, Churro and Matilde minidolls, plus a cat figure | $67.99 | This new LEGO Friends summer 2023 set is coming soon on June 1, 2023

41747 1

Little chefs aged 8+ can dream up delicious adventures at the LEGO® Friends Heartlake City Community Kitchen (41747). This building toy for kids shows the relationship between Leo, his sister Alba and their grandmother, who runs the kitchen. Leo loves to learn new cooking techniques and the set comes with lots of ingredients and accessories so kids can explore new things too. There’s a pantry, toy refrigerator, sink and a kitchen range with pans and a tortilla press. Outside, there’s seating and a roof terrace. This set combines with the LEGO Friends Heartlake City Community Center 41748 (sold separately) for even more community-based fun.

Heartlake City Community Center (41748)

1,513 pieces | Includes Paisley, Liann, Olly, Nova, Zac and Stephanie (from the original LEGO Friends characters) minidolls, plus Pickle the dog figure | $139.99 | This new LEGO Friends summer 2023 set is coming soon on June 1, 2023

lego friends summer 2023

Kids ages 9 and up can explore creative hobbies at the LEGO® Friends Heartlake City Community Center (41748). The levels of the toy building can be rearranged so kids can tailor the build. Songwriter Paisley loves to hang out in the music room. Olly spends time in the recording studio, while artistic Liann feels at home in the art studio. Over in the chill-out zone, gamers Nova and Zac can enjoy playing video games. Kids will love exploring the friendship stories through the different areas. The set comes with 6 mini-dolls, a pet dog and lots of accessories. The set combines with the LEGO Friends Heartlake City Community Kitchen (41747) for even bigger stories.

Newsroom Van (41749)

446 pieces | Includes Aliya, Peter and Darrel minidolls plus an owl figure | $29.99 | This new LEGO Friends summer 2023 set is coming soon on June 1, 2023

lego friends summer 2023

Kids who love role play and wildlife will find lots of inspiration in this LEGO® Friends Newsroom Van (41749) set for ages 6 and up. Hardworking Aliya is committed to reporting the latest news for the community center. Inside the van there’s everything Aliya needs to create and share news stories, including screens, lights, cameras, microphones, and a notebook and pen. Kids can tell the unfolding story as a logger arrives to cut down a tree. After filming the story, kids can move Aliya into thecontrol room inside the van to edit and broadcast the news. The set comes with 2 mini-dolls, 1 micro-doll and lots of accessories.

Sea Rescue Plane (41752)

203 pieces | Includes Zac and Dia minidolls, plus 1 beluga whale figure | $19.99 | This new LEGO Friends summer 2023 set is coming soon on June 1, 2023

41752 1

Kids who love creative storytelling have lots to discover in this LEGO® Friends Sea Rescue Plane (41752) set for ages 6 and up. The set comes with 2 mini-dolls, a whale character and lots of accessories. Kids can help Zac and his mentor rescue a trapped beluga whale. The buildable rescue plane has 2 seats and a storage area. The beach scene includes Zac’s paddleboard and pieces that can be moved so that kids can release the trapped whale.

Pancake Shop (41753)

157 pieces | Includes Luna and Paisley minidolls | $10.99 | This new LEGO Friends summer 2023 set is coming soon on June 1, 2023

lego friends summer 2023

Creative kids aged 6 and up can enjoy role-play fun with this LEGO® Friends Pancake Shop (41753) building toy. Watch as kids make friends with characters Luna and Paisley. Adventurous Luna and shy Paisley always bring out the best in each another while having lots of fun. The toy Pancake Shop comes with a stove, toppings for the pancakes and a mixer that spins so kids can pretend to make the tasty treats. There’s also a small cash register plus a table and a menu card for acting out customer stories. Kids will love spotting the bunny hiding under the bush.

Ski Slope and Cafe (41756)

(Still unavailable at

Though summer hasn’t officially kicked in, Hearlake residents can still enjoy winter sports at the LEGO Friends Ski Slope and Cafe (41756). Experience the thrill of skiing or snowboarding down the snowy hills, then warm up with a hot beverage at the cozy café. Images of this set are yet to be published.

Botanical Garden (41757)

1,072 pieces | Includes Liann, Niko and Adi minidolls | $79.99 | This new LEGO Friends summer 2023 set is coming soon on June 1, 2023

lego friends summer 2023

Inspire kids to learn more about plants and flowers with this detailed LEGO® Friends Botanical Garden (41757) set for ages 12 and up. The set comes with 3 characters and lots of accessories. Inside the toy greenhouse, kids will discover a variety of exotic plants and flowers – all inspired by real-life plant species. Butterfly lovers will appreciate the transparent dome, which has a rotating function that allows the 4 butterflies to fly around – just like the butterflies in a real botanical garden.

LEGO Friends Advent Calendar 2023 (41758)

Count down to the holiday season with the LEGO Friends Advent Calendar 2023 (41758). Unwrap a new surprise each day leading up to Christmas, including mini-builds, accessories, and adorable LEGO Friends characters. This festive calendar adds an extra dash of excitement and anticipation to the holiday season.

Heartlake City Bus (41759)

480 pieces | Includes Paisley, a bus driver and passenger minidolls | $49.99 | Pre-order this new LEGO Friends summer 2023 set today, and it will ship from June 1, 2023

41759 1

Young builders ages 7 and up can enjoy lots of role-play action with this LEGO® Friends Heartlake City Bus (41759) toy set. The set comes with 3 mini-dolls, a buildable bus and a bus stop sign. After building the bus toy, kids can act out stories with the characters. Perhaps they’ll imagine how shy Paisley builds her confidence as she interacts with the bus driver and older passenger. Accessories add to the role-play opportunities and include a mobility scooter, a ramp, a pretend ‘electric’ charger for the bus, Paisley’s book, sunglasses and smartphone, an umbrella and a flower bouquet.

LEGO Friends Igloo Holiday (41760)

Here’s to a winter getaway with the LEGO Friends Igloo Holiday set (41760). Though images of this set are not yet released, we can just imagine a cozy igloo decorated with winter-themed accessories. Whether it’s ice skating, playing in the snow, or sipping hot cocoa by the fireplace, this set allows you to create your own winter wonderland with your LEGO Friends mainstays.

Unleashing Boundless Creativity with LEGO Friends Summer 2023 Sets

The arrival of the LEGO Friends Summer 2023 sets in June promises an unforgettable season of imaginative play and boundless creativity. From captivating beach adventures to daring rescue missions, thrilling sports activities to mouthwatering culinary delights, and explorations of vibrant urban landscapes to enchanting winter wonderlands, there is a set within the collection to captivate every LEGO enthusiast. While the list of sets remains subject to potential changes, the anticipation and excitement surrounding these new additions set the stage for an extraordinary summer.

LEGO Friends Summer 2023 Availability and Updates

As the release date of the LEGO Friends Summer 2023 sets draws near, eager fans should keep a watchful eye on their favorite LEGO stores and online retailers. Staying informed through official LEGO channels and other sites such as here at Brick Show, will provide the latest updates on availability and ensure that you don’t miss out on the opportunity to embark on thrilling adventures. By marking your calendars and staying connected, you can be among the first to secure these exciting sets.

The Brick Show Shop Easter Sale 2023 Still Up!

In case you missed it, our official storefront is currently running a sales promo to celebrate Easter. As of press time, the Brick Show Shop Easter Sale 2023 is still running where you can get up to 20% off all of the products sitewide.

Easter sale 2023

There are several new premium custom LEGO pieces from our partner Build Better Bricks that are now listed at a 20% discount. These include custom-printed tiles, barrel pieces, LEGO polybags, and more. Needless to say, these are some of the most amazing deals on custom LEGO pieces that you won’t find anywhere else. There’s still time to catch the sale though, so hurry and check out this Easter sale 2023 promo by clicking on the links below.

New Custom LEGO Tiles

King Size Milk Studs – B3 Customs Printed 1×3 Tile

Easter sale 2023

King Size Awesome Toy – B3 Customs Printed 1×3 Tile

custom lego awesome toy king size candy 1066x

King Size Mr. Goodblock – B3 Customs Printed 1×3 Tile

Easter sale 2023

King Size Pieces Chocolate Eggs for Easter – B3 Customs Printed 1×3 Tile

king size custom lego chocolate eggs easter

King Size Skittish Candy  – B3 Customs Printed 1×3 Tile

Easter sale 2023


New Custom LEGO Barrels

DK Barrel – B3 Customs Printed 2×2 Barrel 

custom dk barrel

Stud Lemon Lime Soda Barrel – B3 Customs Printed 2×2 Barrel 

Easter sale 2023

Black Spiced Rum Barrel – B3 Customs Printed 2×2 Barrel 

custom black spice barrel

Pieces Soda Barrel Keg with Tap –  B3 Customs Printed 2×2 Barrel

Easter sale 2023


LEGO Polybags

LEGO Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter (30654)

30654 53026


LEGO Minecraft Dripstone Cavern (30647)

Easter sale 2023


LEGO Disney Moana’s Dolphin Cove (30646)

30646 1


LEGO Easter Chicken (30643)

Easter sale 2023


LEGO Harry Potter Build Your Own Hogwarts (30435)

30435 alt1

What LEGO Super Mario Reveal is Waiting for Us on MAR10 Day? 

March 10 is fast approaching, and if you’re an avid LEGO and Nintendo fan, then you’re most probably ready for MAR10 day fun this Friday. Because as it turns out, a LEGO Super Mario reveal may be on its way in conjunction with the most exciting Nintendo Day of the year.

Nintendo has just announced that there are going to be a ton of awesome activities and reveals happening during the much-anticipated MAR10 day. And according to Nintendo’s press release, LEGO is going to drop a special announcement on their YouTube channel on March 10 at 8 am PT. You may find a mention of this anticipated LEGO Super Mario reveal towards the end of Nintendo’s announcement.

For a full list of MAR10 Day activities, including special announcements from Nintendo’s partners at LEGO, First 4 Figures and PDP Promotions, please visit

I can’t help but speculate what LEGO has up its sleeves. Could it be LEGO sets for the upcoming Super Mario Bros. Movie? Or perhaps more expansion sets for the current LEGO Super Mario theme? Rumor has it that it is a larger LEGO Super Mario set that will be released later this year. As of now, the current title of being the largest LEGO Super Mario set is from last year’s The Mighty Bowser (71411).

LEGO Super Mario reveal
Will the next LEGO Super Mario reveal be larger than the current holder which is the LEGO Super Mario The Mighty Bowser (71411)? We just have to wait and see.

Whatever it is, I’m sure it’s going to be epic. So be sure to mark your calendars for March 10, 8 am PT. And while you’re at it, why not bookmark our blog site as well? Stay tuned!

A Closer Look at the LEGO Icons The Lord of the Rings: Rivendell (10316) Set

After LEGO officially revealed its largest LEGO Icons set of the year, has been updated to include a listing of the LEGO Icons The Lord of the Rings: Rivendell (10316) set.

The Lord of the Rings: Rivendell (10316)

10316 alt2

Coming in at an impressive 6,167 pieces, this set comes in three sections giving it a sort of a modular set vibe. And though this might be this year’s most pricey set so far at $500, the attention to detail and the insane amount of minifigures that goes with it make it worth every penny for long-time LEGO LOTR fans.

And fans will surely not be disappointed with all the film references that this set has to offer. Divided into three sections, the first features the Council Ring, where the Fellowship debates on how to best destroy the One Ring. I love how the hotdog and popsicle pieces were cleverly used to build the gang’s chairs, including a generous number of plant pieces that adorned the surroundings.

The Lord of the Rings: Rivendell (10316)

This first section also includes a look at Frodo’s Bedroom, where he rests after being rescued from the Nazgul’s clutches. If you look closely, the designers of this set managed to have this minifigure version of Frodo sit on the bed despite his shorter legs, using a couple of headlight pieces. Plus a reference to Bilbo’s iconic Mithril chainmail is also included.

10316 alt9

The next portion is what I loved the most. Elrond’s study room prominently displays the Shards of Narsil using a new, broken sword element that perfectly captures the look and feel of the famous blade that struck the hand of the Dark Lord. This part of the set is also adorned with several paintings that depict the story of the elves and their valiant efforts to defeat Morgoth and Sauron.

10316 alt6

The second portion or section of this set features a stunning hall of unnamed Elven heroes of old. It consists of five gray minifigures, each with distinct features. This actually gives us a total of 21 minifigures in all plus the minifigure that is on display in Elrond’s study room.

The third section of the set highlights a gazebo overlooking a river and bridge, where the Fellowship gets ready to depart from Rivendell as they embark to destroy the Ring. The gazebo’s design is simply outstanding, highlighting the effective use of white LEGO pieces to recreate the immaculate glow and brightness of the place. Looking closely at this portion, the designers also used several toilet seat pieces as part of the gazebo’s roof.

The Lord of the Rings: Rivendell (10316) 10316 alt5 10316 alt3

And what perhaps is the most appealing feature of the LEGO Icons The Lord of the Rings: Rivendell (10316) set is the sheer number of LOTR minifigures added to it. We get to see newer versions of Gandalf the Grey, all four hobbits (Frodo Baggins, Samwise Gamgee, Merriadoc “Merry” Brandybuck, and Peregrin “Pippin” Took), Legolas, Gimli, Boromir, and Aragorn. There are also two additional Elven smiths, Arwen, Gloin, Elrond, and Bilbo Baggins. Based on what I read from early reviews, Bilbo’s minifigure features an alternate face that underscores his scary features when influenced by the Ring.

The Lord of the Rings: Rivendell (10316)

10316 alt7

10316 alt10

The LEGO Icons Lord of the Ring: Rivendell has a hefty price tag of $499.99 and is scheduled to be released across all LEGO stores and online beginning March 8, 2023. And if you will purchase this set as a VIP member from March 5 to 7, you will also get a free  LEGO BrickHeadz Frodo, and Gollum (40630) set valued at $15

40630 alt1

There is no option to pre-order this set at this time, but if you want, you can add this to your LEGO wishlist and be notified once the set is available for purchase. You may click on the affiliate link below and read on for the rest of the set’s product details below.

LEGO Icons The Lord of the Rings: Rivendell (10316)

6,167 pieces | $499.99 | Includes 21 minifigures | Coming Soon on March 8, 2023

Journey into Rivendell™ with this LEGO® The Lord of the Rings™ collectible (10316). Based on the Middle-earth™ valley where the famous quest began, this impressive 6,167-piece project for adults is bursting with details that movie fans will adore.

Bring iconic scenes to life.
The building set is decorated with foliage that creates the feeling of being deep inside the Rivendell™ forest and includes magical details, including an elven forge, Elrond’s cluttered study, the Shards of Narsil™, plus paintings and statues from the history of Middle-earth™. It also comes with 15 minifigures to bring favorite scenes to life. The minifigures have detachable legs, so you can seat them around the table to recreate the iconic Council of Elrond™ scene.

Make time for you
This highly requested building set has been designed for The Lord of the Rings™ fans and film lovers who appreciate stunning design.

  • Build a Middle-earth™ valley ⁠– Create and display a LEGO® version of Rivendell™ with this THE LORD OF THE RINGS: RIVENDELL™ (10316) building set for adults
  • 6,167 pieces filled with movie magic ⁠– The set is an immersive project that’s bursting with details and references to The Lord of the Rings™ movie trilogy, which all fans will recognize
  • Detailed decor ⁠– Details include Frodo’s bedroom and Elrond’s study, and the different sections can be displayed separately: for example, the Council of Elrond™ can be lifted off the main model
  • Iconic characters ⁠– The building set features 15 minifigures, including legendary characters such as Frodo™, Sam™, Bilbo Baggins™, Boromir™, Gimli™, Aragorn™, Legolas, and Gandalf the Grey™
  • Recreate your favorite scenes ⁠– The set makes it easy to recreate iconic moments, including the Council of Elrond™ scene and the moment the Fellowship crosses the bridge at the start of their journey
  • Dimensions ⁠– The set measures over 15 in. (39 cm) high, 29.5 in. (75 cm) wide, and 19.5 in. (50 cm) deep and splits into three sections: the tower, the council ring, and the gazebo with river and bridge.

The Lord of the Rings: Rivendell (10316) 10316 alt11 10316 alt2

LEGO Icons Moving Truck (40586) GWP Set Revealed!

If you’re a fan of this year’s first LEGO modular set which is the LEGO Icons Jazz Club (10312), then you might be thrilled to know that it may also be paired up with an upcoming promotional set in the form of the LEGO Icons Moving Truck (40586) gift-with-purchase set.

As reported by Promobricks, the LEGO Icons Moving Truck (40586) is expected to be the next promotional item slated to be offered from February 21 to March 3, 2023. Coming in at 301 pieces, it features a brick-built red and white truck with two minifigures. Though the truck may be considered somewhat generic, it is the furniture that they are moving that makes the set stand out in my opinion. And when coupled with the LEGO Icons Jazz Club, the Moving Truck makes it a great set to add more story-telling fun and world-building. In addition to the two minifigure movers, this GWP set also includes a minifigure-scaled piano, saxophone painting, a jukebox machine, and a dressing table.

LEGO Icons Moving Truck
Image courtesy of Promobricks.
40586 2
Image courtesy of Promobricks.

According to reports, this next promotional set will be added to your shopping bag for free once you reach a single receipt purchase of 180 Euros or more, or roughly around $190 to $195. It’s a perfect pair together with the LEGO Icons Jazz Club in case you’re planning of purchasing it anytime soon.

Take a look at these box art images of the LEGO Icons Moving Truck courtesy once more of Promobricks. I’ll update this post once more details are published over at US. What do you think of this set? Are you excited to add this to your collection? Tell me what you think in the comments below.

Five Disney Princesses in Announced LEGO Ultimate Adventure Castle (43205) Coming August

Disney struck a gold mine with the development of their Disney Princess product line many years ago. Young girls definitely went crazy all over the stuff adorned by images from the Princess characters of Disney canon. There were some restrictions however. One might notice that a shirt with, say, Ariel and Belle don’t have the two interacting. Official marketing mandated that detachment between Disney Princesses in official merchandise to keep their individual images distinct. Such regulations have since relaxed, especially with the Princesses seen in 2018’s “Ralph Wrecks the Internet”. In LEGO Disney, that hasn’t been much of a problem.

To illustrate, there’s this newly-announced upcoming LEGO Disney castle play-set as shared with us by The Brick Fan. It’s a fairly basic castle build for ages 6 and up, priced at less than $100. But Ultimate Adventure Castle (43205) will net young collectors with no less than five Disney Princess minidolls. Snow White, Ariel, Pocahontas, Tiana and Rapunzel share this fine castle which features room for each of them. There’s even room for animal companions and accessories of every stripe. LEGO Disney fans can expect this set to arrive in August. But now let’s see details from’s product listing:

43205 alt1

Ultimate Adventure Castle (43205)

Age 6+ | 698 pieces | 5 minidolls | $99.99 | Coming August 1

43205 alt4

Ultimate castle

This detailed set boosts children’s confidence as they build it, then sparks imagination and creativity as they role-play stories of their own. This set is designed to be played with solo or as part of a playdate with friends, and it combines with other LEGO ǀ Disney Princess sets (sold separately).

43205 alt12

Beloved characters and friends

This set keeps kids playing for hours with Disney’s Ariel, Moana, Rapunzel, Snow White and Tiana mini-doll figures, plus Marcel, Pascal, Pua, Sebastian and a bird LEGO animal figures. It’s an impressive gift for any Disney Princess fan.

43205 alt3

  • Creative play – Give any Disney fan aged 6+ a gift full of features, rooms, functions and accessories to drive role play in this fun LEGO® ǀ Disney Princess™ Ultimate Adventure Castle (43205) set
  • What’s in the box? – This 698-piece set features an opening, lockable castle with 4 levels, 5 bedrooms, a celebration cake, an animal playground and a key, plus accessories to spark endless adventures
  • Iconic characters – Featuring Disney’s Ariel, Moana, Rapunzel, Snow White and Tiana mini-doll figures, plus 5 LEGO® animal figures, this set is designed for endless imaginative adventures

LEGO Technic 42143 Not Delayed After All; Ferrari Daytona SP3 Rolling June 1

Speculation might runs rampant when LEGO teases new sets and then delays them before revealing more information. The latest LEGO Technic supercar set seems to follow this pattern. The biennially-released product was supposed to release this year. It even got a set number – 42143 – and launch date of August 2022. Then word came out that the set could be delayed until 2023. This triggered discussion on what vehicle the Technic set would depict, with the wildest theories like the Tesla Cybertruck. Fortunately LEGO made an announcement this week about Technic 42143: it’s coming next month!

As told us by Brickset, LEGO gave a press release Tuesday, May 24, about the Technic Ferrari Daytona SP3 (42143). Yep, that’s the 2022 entry for the Technic “Ultimate Car” series that comes out every two years. It’ll be launching this coming June after all. For you Technic supercar collectors, we won’t keep you hanging and give you details from the official LEGO Shop listing:

42143 alt1

Ferrari Daytona SP3 (42143)

Age 18+ | 3,778 pieces | $399.99 | Coming June 1 (LEGO Stores) and August 1 (retailers worldwide)

42143 1

  • A supercar build for adults – Recreate all the details of the Ferrari Daytona SP3 with this LEGO® Technic™ Ferrari Daytona SP3 (42143) building set for adults
  • From the LEGO® Technic™ Ultimate Car Concept series – The 4th addition to this series of supercar builds: a range of collectible models inspired by some of the world’s most luxurious vehicles
  • Designed in collaboration with Ferrari – Features include steering, a V12 engine, an 8-speed sequential gearbox with paddle shifter, openingbutterfly doors, a removable roof and shock absorbers

But that’s not all. LEGO’s pulling all stops to hype their Technic Ferrari SP3 by including a companion product. This is The Sense of Perfection, a coffee-table book detailing the design history of this latest LEGO Technic masterpiece. Enthusiasts are sure to gush at the info within, including crisp images of the evolution of the brick-built SP3 (42143). It’ll only be available exclusively on starting June 1, with a limited 5,000-copy print run too.


Ferrari Daytona SP3: The Sense of Perfection

Age 10+ | $79.99 | Coming June 1 only on LEGO Shop with limited 5,000 copies

  • Discover the secrets of LEGO® Technic™ sets – Take a journey into the world of building and engineering with this LEGO Technic Ferrari Daytona SP3 The Sense of Perfection book
  • A gift for Ferrari-lovers and building fans – This 240-page hardcover book is presented in a slipcase, so it can be enjoyed time after time

legotruman’s LEGO Koala Hit’s 10-K Support on LEGO Ideas

One encompassing theme LEGO does really good at is the buildable animal figure. We tend to get a lot of those for seasonal sets, and the details or aesthetics can vary too. They could be reasonably realistic as the 2022 Valentine Lovebirds (40522), or fanciful as Year of the Tiger (40491). Even in LEGO Ideas, buildable animal figures are prominent submissions. A certain build with new 10,000 supporters for First 2022 Review actually reminds us of something we covered in 2019. Perhaps it’s because both depict critters living in the ANZAC region. This one however, is a tad more iconic.

ideas legotruman legokoala 1

Courtesy of legotruman on LEGO Ideas, we have the next First 2020 Review Stage entry, LEGO Koala. Exactly as it says in the name, we get some cute koalas in this aspiring would-be Ideas set. Builder legotruman created a mama koala and baby, as well as a portion of a eucalyptus tree-trunk to perch on. Both koalas have points of articulation (head, arms, hands and feet). The eucalyptus leaves can be detached to put on the koalas’ hands for them to eat. Baby koala can also cling to the mother’s back, like in the documentaries.

ideas legotruman legokoala 2

LEGO Koala becomes the fourth 10-K support submission to the Ideas First 2022 Review Stage. Its presence makes for one new variant theme represented in this batch. Buildings already have two sets in the mix. Let’s keep having an eye out on this Review Stage to see what future submission trends can be observed here. Combining Pick a Brick, Bricks & Pieces Online Services Soon

The website provides more than product info and an online shop for their many sets and products. It also provides additional services such as building instructions for numbered set builds. That usually works in conjunction with having plenty of LEGO bricks and pieces already. But if you need specific parts then offers you two avenues. One is the Bricks & Pieces customer service. They replace missing or broken pieces from packaged sets. The other is Pick a Brick, where one can buy individual bricks/pieces by quantity. You probably look at those descriptions and think: Don’t these two services basically do the same thing?

Apparently LEGO has been thinking the same, according to German LEGO news source Promobricks. To that end, the company has announced plans to merge their Pick a Brick and Bricks & Pieces pages. A recent series of surveys LEGO conducted online appears to be the impetus for this move. As it turns out, their customers knew of either Pick a Brick, or Bricks & Pieces, but not the other. By combining the two services into a single front-end hub, builders looking for pieces will have easier times exploring. LEGO bricks seemingly exclusive to either service will now be available universally.

The Pick a Brick-Bricks & Pieces merge will also benefit US and Canadian customers. Part of the reorganization also involves opening a new North American-based fulfillment center this month. To facilitate this change, they will temporarily shut down Pick a Brick from January 23 to 25. The combined hub will be soft-launched sometime afterwards, in early (UK, Western Europe) and late (NA, ANZAC) February. LEGO also plans to test a new Build-a-Minifigure service soon, but only for Europe and Asia.