LEGO-IKEA Team-Up Encourages More Play at Home


It had been one of the most unusual bits of LEGO-related news that came out in June, when the globally renowned Danish toy company announced a collaboration initiative with the Swedish-Dutch king of ready-to-assemble furniture IKEA. The reason given for this LEGO-IKEA team-up was for increasing environmental sustainability in their products, but no clarification was given.

The only line said by LEGO and IKEA on the products they’re working on together was that they’re (obviously) geared toward children. A LEGO-IKEA team-up would go towards “encouraging more play at home, and allowing children to be more creative, to experiment and to dream”.

LEGO is only one of several companies that IKEA has forged collaborative efforts with lately. There are also deals made with audio brand Sonos, luxury house Byredo, and shoe and athletic wear giant Adidas. They’re said to embody having the quality of major brands while making them also IKEA-level affordable.

While this is rather old by now, here’s a teaser by IKEA on the products they’re collaborating on with LEGO, posted on Instagram. It’s a short scene of children playing with LEGO Bricks and an IKEA stool. These products will start coming out in 2019 and years beyond, to be found at IKEA’s children’s sections.

Source: BHG

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