LEGO Brick-Built Camper Trailer in Australia Claims Guinness World Record

LEGO Brick-Built Camper Trailer

Earlier this month we were treated to a showcase demonstration of the most absolute potential in LEGO brick building. That was realized in the life-sized accurate and functional brick-built replica of the celebrated Bugatti Chiron. It doesn’t run as fast as the real one, but it runs nonetheless using a staggering array of Power Functions motors. We’ve seen how LEGO Technic elements went into reproducing a Bugatti Chiron, but an uber LEGO fan from Queensland, Australia is challenging that achievement. With the help of volunteers, he constructed his own LEGO brick-built camper trailer based on a 1973 Viscount Royal caravan, and he got a Guinness World Record title for it.

Using a wide variety of LEGO pieces and elements amounting to almost 300,000 individual components, avid mobile camper and LEGO builder Ben Craig (plus assistants) took some 530 hours total over a five-month period to assemble his custom LEGO brick-built camper trailer. Glue (70 liters of it) was needed to strengthen the structure.


Amazingly, almost everything in the camper trailer is made of LEGO bricks, from the double bed to the side seats and square table to the cabinets and stove-oven. It has real electric lights and actual running water comes out of the LEGO faucet into the sink; now that’s attention to replicating details.

For their work, Ben Craig’s team got the official Guinness World Record the “largest LEGO caravan”. They beat the previous record holder by about 73,472 bricks.


Currently, Craig’s custom LEGO brick-built camper trailer is parked for display at the Brisbane Holiday Village at Eight Mile Plains for tourists there to snap pictures of. But soon it’ll be going on a grand Australia tour courtesy of Top Parks so more people can see it. Watch this video from Inside Edition to see how this world breaking feat was created.

More images here: Guinness World Records

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