LEGO Star Wars Fans Launched Bricks for Hope, Building to Cure Charity Drive

LEGO Star Wars Fans

LEGO Star Wars Fans is one of the many fandom groups you can find for the long-running Star Wars space opera franchise. They operate primarily as a Facebook Group and organize their activities as such, including their annual tradition of charity fundraising, like the one they recently finished for a children’s healthcare center in Georgia.

“Bricks for Hope, Building to Cure” was a just-concluded initiative by LEGO Star Wars Fans to drum up charity intended for Atlanta’s Aflac Cancer and Blood Disorders Center of Children’s Healthcare. Thanks to online participants of the FB Group’s LEGO raffle prizes, they were able to put together a total check donation amounting to $3,700.

The LEGO Star Wars Fans donation was delivered to Aflac last week on Wednesday, September 12, by representatives of two of the group’s cosplay units, the 501st Georgia Garrison, Bespin Base – Rebel Legion and the Naast Clan, who appeared in costume and even brought several LEGO sets as gifts for the center’s young cancer patients.

Following an incident wherein members of the LEGO Star Wars Fans Facebook Group pitched in to financially aid one of their own who was diagnosed with a grave medical condition, this Star Wars fan community has been holding charity raffles every year in partnership with small LEGO retail business in Georgia State to donate to different medical and charitable beneficiaries.

The Aflac Cancer and Blood Disorders Center official website has more details on how where charity from donors like LEGO Star Wars Fans will go.

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