I’m an Uber Fanboy Once Again With This Custom LEGO Transformers Devastator!

Custom LEGO Transformers Devastator

My faith in humanity is restored! OK, that’s a bit overboard – but you couldn’t blame me if you see an incredibly, exquisitely and wonderfully executed custom LEGO Transformers Devastator such as this by Alex Jones. I feel transported to the 80’s once again, with the same intense childhood wonder when I first saw the Constructicons combine and become the formidable Devastator.

custom LEGO Devastator 1

The color scheme in Alex’s creation is simply spot on and triggers those happy memories of admiration to these green-colored combiners. Nothing beats the original.

custom LEGO Devastator 3

With three years in the making, this custom LEGO Transformers Devastator is worth the wait especially considering that each of the six Constructicons can easily transform to robot and alt mode and vice versa. Plus the choice of using lime green and dark purple for their color is just so perfect.

custom LEGO Devastator 2

According to Alex, everything in this build is made from authentic LEGO pieces save for the Constructicon heads and custom stickers. He also included a 2×3 light brick in Devastator’s head that makes the iconic robot more intimidating. If you want to see more of Alex’s custom LEGO Transformers Devastator, be sure check out the rest of his gallery right here.

Now if only LEGO can come up with this, I will surely get this right of the bat next to LEGO Ideas Voltron. Well, I guess any true LEGO fan can dream of being in LEGO Cybertron every once in a while. Thank you Alex for sharing your creation!


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