LEGO and IBM Teams Up for AI-Powered Interactive Advertising


If you thought the recent collaboration between LEGO and China’s Tencent Games to launch a new mobile title was pretty much already out there, then perhaps you haven’t seen everything yet. It’s amazing just how much brand power LEGO can wield when your next collaboration involves using AI for advertising. To this end, LEGO and IBM teams up to boost the former’s advertising to a whole new, interactive level utilizing IBM’s Watson Ads Omni. To get technical, these ads use “hyper-personalization at scale along with actionable insights”.

What that means is the new LEGO ads can actually sell particular sets to fans currently browsing on their sites, particularly Shop@Home. They can “talk” to the AI, perhaps via typed-in text. The AI will ask them questions on what LEGO sets they’d like, then make a list of recommendations.

IBM’s press release on the work they’ve done with LEGO claims that the AI-powered ads are “empowering the brand to have meaningful one-to-one conversations at scale with consumers wherever they may be in their path to purchase”. At the least, they can smartly recommend from 35 possible best-selling sets available. Its like having a virtual LEGO Brick Specialist assisting you.

“We’re always looking for innovative ways to cut through the clutter and provide meaningful brand interactions for shoppers,” remarks LEGO Systems Senior Director (brand relations) Michael McNally. This LEGO and IBM team up is not just expected to increase LEGO’s profit margin, but most importantly, will provide a better, “personalized” experience for online shoppers once the holiday season shopping spree kicks in.

When these smart AI-powered advertisements will be online, however, wasn’t quite answered yet. We just have to wait and see, and keep tabs with LEGO Shop@Home.


Source: MediaPost

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