LEGO Juniors Going Away, to Be Replaced by “4+” Designation on Regular LEGO Sets

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LEGO has always prided itself on being a toy brand with something to offer for all ages. They have a hand in early childhood play/education with the Duplo line, and serving as a bridge between that and regular LEGO is the intermediary Juniors label. But that distinction’s being phased out.

Starting in 2019, LEGO sets with simplified construction that would’ve been labeled LEGO Juniors will instead be folded into the regular LEGO sets but with a new designation of “4+”. That indicates that the sets are optimized for age 4 and up. This labeling has already been used on certain Spider-Man themed sets coming up for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.

Aside from that, four LEGO Juniors Star Wars sets mentioned on Star Wars news source Rebelscum will now be simply LEGO Star Wars 4+ when they eventually released. They are:

  1. X-Wing Starfighter (75235)
  2. Slave I (75236)
  3. TIE Fighter (75237)
  4. A-Wing Starfighter (75247)

So by next year, we can expect that all LEGO lines that have gotten Juniors variants (City, Ninjago, Elves, Disney Princess, DC, etc.) will now instead feature 4+ marks on their future sets to indicate a more entry-level build between the full LEGO sets and younger Duplo. LEGO Marvel’s Spider-Man sets will lead the way this coming December.

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