LEGO Marvel Spider-Man 2019 Box Art Images Revealed

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Spider-Man 2019

Spoiler Alert: Our Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man may not be feeling so good over in the MCU, but he’s alive and kicking in his other iterations: the Disney XD animated series, the spectacular PS4 video game from Sony Interactive and Insomniac Games, and last but not least, in LEGO. It’s been long known since this year’s SDCC that LEGO was going to do a Spider-Man product blitz on their Marvel Super Heroes line, and even gave us a teaser of what to expect, in the form of the Spider-Man Mech vs. Venom (76115) set. Earlier this month we learned what some of the other LEGO MSH Spider-Man sets will be revealed soon, and thanks to Dutch LEGO online store Brickshop, we now know what they look like. For the record, some of these images of the new LEGO Marvel Spider-Man 2019 box art images have been circulating over the Internet for quite some time already, but now thanks Brickshop, we now have a better idea of what to expect from these upcoming sets slated to be released in December.

Spider-Man Bike Rescue (76113 )

Includes Spider-Man, Miles Morales Spider-Man and Carnage minifigures (Carnage minifig has symbiote tentacle accessories which is pretty cool).


76113 back

Spider-Man’s Spider-Crawler (76114 )

Includes Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2099, Vulture and Sandman minifigures


76114 back


Spider-Man Mech vs Venom (76115)

Includes Venom, Ghost Spider, Aunt May and Spider-Man minifigures


76115 back 76115 set


Spider-Man Car Chase (76133 )

Includes Spider-Man and Green Goblin minifigures


76133 back 76133 set


Doc Ock Diamond Heist (76134 )

Includes Spider-Man, Doc Ock and civilian Dock Worker minifigures


76134 back lego spiderman 76134 0003

We’re still waiting for the other LEGO Marvel Super-Heroes tie-in sets for the 2019 MCU film Spider-Man: Far from Home, and those from the Avengers 4 tie-ins too, as it’s implied Spidey might be in some of them. Things are-heating up on that end, though seeing as Far from Home happens after Avengers 4, we know the MCU Peter Parker’s going to get better soon enough.

Thanks to Promobricks for the heads up.

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