LEGO Product Idea Chemical Plant Gets 10K Thumbs Up – Qualifies for the Third 2018 Review Stage

LEGO Product Idea Chemical Plant

After the success of the Dinosaur Fossils Skeletons as the first LEGO Ideas set to enter the Third 2018 Review Stage, it is soon followed by another STEM-inspired project in the form of the LEGO Product  Idea Chemical Plant by LEGO fan builder Ymarilego. Here’s a cool LEGO Ideas fact about Ymarilego: he is a veteran in the LEGO Ideas platform, with a total of 30 project submissions under his belt in almost 2 years. If you recall, Ymarilego was also fortunate enough to have his Quest Builder project join the ranks of the qualifying product ideas under the First 2017 LEGO Ideas Review Stage.

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Here’s a brief description of what to expect from the LEGO Product Idea Chemical Plant.

The plant is built on two basic grey 32×32 stud ground plates and is made with approximately of 1,900 pieces.

On the right base plate, there are several treatment sites and chimneys, storage vats and spheres and a laboratory to check the quality of the chemicals produced.

All this complex machinery has to be checked regularly and repaired when needed of so several minifigures are added as well to keep an eye on things. There is a scientist in the lab, an overseer and 4 crew members going about their work (two females, two males).

To ensure their safety there are a lot of railings to prevent them from falling down and warning stripes on the floor. Several kinds of extinguishing materials are at hand in different color tanks, in case of an accident.

On the left baseplate is a loading station for both rail and road vehicles. The connecting “ladders” can be moved up and down. The tankhose poles (no idea what they are called) can be rotated 360 degrees so either rail or road can be accommodated.

There is a small storage area for different kinds of drums and some pump equipment. The structures of both places do not overlap so one can decide if both are to be placed next to each other or apart or even rotated differently to create another layout.

The LEGO Ideas Third 2018 Review Stage now officially has 2 qualifying product ideas, with other projects in close lead such as the Food Stand Diners and Anatomini – you may want to check and support these cool original product ideas as well. LEGO Ideas has also announced the next LEGO Ideas sets based from its First 2018 Review Results: the Treehouse and Flintstones.

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