LEGO Star Wars Solo Polybags Spotted in Dallas LEGO Brand Store

LEGO Star Wars Solo Polybags

It’s often a pattern with LEGO product releases that, after they have introduced and made available the large sets – usually vehicle models – that come in boxes, eventually they also bring out micro-build versions of the same sets, packed in polybags. They usually run for a limited period as exclusive on certain retailers then simply disappear. Such is the case, as it seems to be, for the LEGO Star Wars Solo polybags.

However, there seems to be a slim chance in grabbing some these microbuild collectibles now that they were spotted in a  Dallas LEGO brand store by a LEGO Star Wars fan, and was eventually reported by Star Wars insider Rebelscum. If you recall, these LEGO Star Wars Solo polybags were once listed at Walmart’s online portal, but were now flagged as out of stock. These polybags were microbuild versions of their larger LEGO Star Wars counterparts, particularly the Imperial TIE Fighter (75211) and Imperial AT-Hauler (75219).

30498 30381 1

Both of these above LEGO Star Wars Solo polybags have also gotten their build instructions uploaded on LEGO Customer Service for DIY recreation, but apparently the actual polybag products aren’t yet “retired” as it were. And it looks like both the micro LEGO Star Wars Solo Imperial TIE Fighter (30381) and AT-Hauler (30498) polybags are still available at the said Dallas LEGO Brand Store. As seen in the featured image above, the Solo tie-in polybags are priced at $6, much like its fellows on the shelf.

Meanwhile, a lot of new LEGO Star Wars sets did become available for purchase at branded stores, retailers and online at the start of the month. In terms of polybags, the latest one is the Mud-trooper Han Solo (40300)  minifigure, free for every minimum LEGO purchase of $35 at Shop@Home.

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