Sainsbury UK’s LEGO Create the World Collectible Card Series Has Ended

LEGO Create the World Collectible Card

Sainsbury’s LEGO Create the World Collectible Card series, has been going on in promotion with the UK supermarket chain since late in August. Despite an isolated incident involving a razor blade mistakenly put in a card pack, the whole collecting frenzy’s been successful thus far.

But fun things, like all things, must come to an end. Tuesday, October 9, was the last day with which Sainsbury’s shoppers could get either the LEGO cards, in 4-card foil packs, or the Create the World – Incredible Inventions card album to put them in.

Since the promotion started, shoppers who rang up a minimum £10 purchase on any Sainsbury’s store would receive a free LEGO Create the World Collectible card pack at the counter. With the promotional period winding down, the separate Incredible Inventions card albums had their prices reduced in this event’s final week.

LEGO Create the World was extremely popular when Sainsbury’s originally launched the promo the previous year, so revisiting the collecting craze in a new set of LEGO cards with a new-edition album was a no-brainer for the supermarket chain. Such had been the enthusiasm both Sainsbury’s and its customers had with LEGO Create the World, that its recently released series of reusable shopping bags featured card designs on its sides.

A big congratulations to Sainsbury’s for their smash hit LEGO promo. Hopefully there will be a third edition next year.

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