Second LEGO Brand Store in China Opens in Shanghai

LEGO Brand Store in China

While quite a number of new LEGO Branded Stores are on the verge of opening across the US this coming November, but out west across the Pacific, one particular flagship store has opened in what can be considered LEGO’s newest frontier: the second LEGO Brand Store in China will now cater to LEGO fans in Shanghai, making LEGO’s branding and presence even more felt in this side of Asia.

While LEGO has long been a rising presence in the Chinese retail scene, thus far it has not got on the branded store bandwagon with other international markets of the iconic toy brand. The one LEGO Store in the country before this was in Disneyland Shanghai. Finally, that has changed with the opening of this next LEO Brand Store in China.

Outside of the theme park and right in the urban center of the city itself, China’s second LEGO Branded Store finally opened its doors to eager shoppers in People’s Square of Shanghai’s Huangpu District. Occupying two stories, the new flagship has an attention-getting general design theme: The Future of Shanghai.


LEGO China General Manager and the LEGO Group Senior VP Paul Huang, was pleased to welcome families and shoppers saying. “Our store brings more opportunities for Chinese children, parents and LEGO fans of all ages to explore the many different LEGO products and experiences while enjoying a truly unique and high-quality engagement with the LEGO brand.”

Among the interactive features of the LEGO Store Shanghai are free-play Future City building tables featuring customizable brick-built skylines of future Shanghai, “Immersion Portals” for LEGO City and Ninjago with 3D experience booths, and even a rare Mosaic Maker machine for creating personalized mosaic portraits (40179), priced at 999 Yuan ($145).


Not only will the new flagship LEGO Store be a boon for Chinese LEGO buyers, it can also be a major draw for tourists to Shanghai who probably haven’t made plans to go to Disneyland.

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