New LEGO Store in Albany, NY Slated to Open in November

LEGO Ensures Product Availability

LEGO will always have a home with so many retail chains, toy-specific or otherwise, around the world. But sometimes, they just need space all for themselves and their wide variety of products. That’s what the branded LEGO Stores are for, and they’ve been popping up all over the US lately. And so there is yet one more LEGO Store coming stateside, and it’ll be at the Crossgates Mall in the Guilderland suburb of Albany, New York. An official press release for the new LEGO Store in Albany promises all the familiar friendly features that defines the latest wave of the company’s branded stores.


Aside from the expected consumer play areas and interior design that’s great for kids, the Albany LEGO Store will have the now-standard “Pick & Build Wall”, the “Living Room” interaction area, and the circumferential “Brand Ribbon” that showcases already-built LEGO models interspersed with snippets of brand history and LEGO trivia.

Future guests will enjoy being able to get first crack at new LEGO sets being available right at the release dates, from early-age Duplo to licensed franchises to hot-selling lines like Ninjago, City and Friends. The LEGO Store in Albany at the Crossroads Mall will open in November, near simultaneously with other soon-to-come US stores like in Louisiana and South Carolina.

Source: Albany Times Union

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