2019 LEGO Spider-Man Sets To Be Released This December

2019 LEGO Spider-Man

A lot of info traffic has been circulating on LEGO news circles regarding the upcoming Spider-Man sets in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. We’ve already showcased several awesome sets earmarked for release in 2019; at the same time we caught wind of rumored other LEGO Spider-sets arriving next month in December, as tie-ins for Sony Animation’s Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse movie. With the recent appearance of an advertising flyer from a Georgia Walmart, first shown on Twitter and confirmed by our fellow LEGO news sources The Brick Fan and Brick Fanatics, one thing’s becoming clear: the 2019 LEGO Spider-Man sets will be arriving earlier in some markets; and these same sets may be the tie-ins to Into the Spider-Verse after all.

That’s quite the surprise if it’s true, although the presence of more Spider-Men minifigures than just our familiar Peter Parker seems to confirm that idea.

Well, at the very least the 2019 LEGO Spider-Man sets have the Miles Morales Spider-Man, aka the main Spider-hero of the film (Spider-Bike Rescue 76113), as well as Gwen Stacy/Ghost-Spider (Spider-Mech vs. Venom-Mech 76115). These two are prominent is trailers shared by Sony so far. There’s another alternate Spider, 2099 (Spider-Crawler 76114), that hasn’t been featured in previews, if he’s even in the film at all.

Are the Spider-Verse LEGO tie-in sets still rumor? Or are they now reconciled with the 2019 sets that are revealed to be coming earlier on certain retailers like Walmart? To paraphrase Sherlock Holmes, we need more data to be certain. What we are sure is that Sony’s Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is premiering December 12.

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