If at First You Don’t Succeed: “A Christmas Story” Model Once Again Submitted to LEGO Ideas

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Late last year, twrt0es submitted a build on the LEGO Ideas platform in the hope that it might become an official set. His theme was the cult classic Holiday movie A Christmas Story, particularly the house that was its primary setting. It passed for the 2017 3rd Review, but failed to impress the panel enough.

Well, the creator feels it was a good idea that shouldn’t be forgotten after one setback. So twrt0es has completely revamped his A Christmas Story House idea and created a more generalized multi-component set for LEGO Ideas. There are less bricks but more play-acting fun.

Instead of a whole house, the new set only comprises the first floor of the Parker residence, though it makes sure to include the plot-relevant details such as the fireplace, radio and the big lamp. New to the set is a rendition of the iced-up flagpole scene, and the Christmas tree-bearing family car to boot.

For minifigures twrt0es has expanded the original set (bunny-PJ Ralphie, Randy, and the parents) with a cowboy-variant Ralphie, two hounds from the Bumpuses and Flick who got his tongue stuck on the flagpole. All in all, the possibilities of playing and posing are upped despite the lower LEGO piece count.

The original Christmas Story House managed to get up to 10K support in time for the 2017 Holidays. Now, twrt0es is hoping that the old supporters might be willing to support his new spin on an old project one more time. We wish him well.

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