Latest “Doctor Who” Episode Has 13th Doctor Mentioning Herself as a “Doctor of LEGO”, Among Other Fields

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Never let it be said that American pop-culture franchises have a monopoly on licensing for LEGO products. One look at specific lines like LEGO Harry Potter is enough to prove that generalization wrong. Another big franchise originating from the UK that had gotten its LEGO limelight was BBC’s Doctor Who.

In past years, two incarnations of the Time Lord known only as The Doctor – Matt Smith as the Eleventh and Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth – got official LEGO minifigures, whether as part of a now-retired LEGO Ideas set or as a franchise tie-in for the now-cancelled LEGO Dimensions online game.

The Thirteenth and current Doctor, portrayed by Jodie Whitaker, has yet to get a LEGO rendition. But on the fifth episode of her ongoing series, “The Tsuranga Conundrum” which aired on BBC One November 4, she had a line of dialogue that referenced the toy brand in a nice shout-out.

In that episode, The Doctor was asked perhaps one likely query given to all her incarnations about just what sort of doctor they all are. When a medic in one scene asked if her Doctor title is one for medicine, The Doctor quickly rattles off her various “fields of expertise”, in this order: “Medicine, science, engineering, candyfloss, LEGO, philosophy, music, problems, people, hope, mostly hope.”

Jodie Whitaker has the great honor of playing the first known female regeneration of The Doctor in all the decades of their collective adventures. Her show, the 11th series of the Doctor Who revival, airs every Sunday on BBC One.

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