LEGO Duplo My First Minnie Build (10897) Revealed

LEGO Duplo My First Minnie Build (10897)

LEGO has done its fair share of experimentation and development in the creation of several lines of humanoid figures constructed from LEGO bricks. There was the buildable figure line used in LEGO Star Wars for example, which has been discontinued. Then there’s the BrickHeadz line, rumored to also be on the verge of being axed. And now, LEGO is introducing the buildable figure concept to its Duplo line, in the form of what might be called “My First Build”. That could be inferred from the name of the first Duplo figure set revealed via Amazon Italy: the LEGO Duplo My First Minnie Build (10897) which features a Minnie Mouse brick-built figure.


From the boxed product preview, thanks to transparent packaging, we can see that the LEGO Duplo My First Minnie Build (10897) is a simple, straightforward build that features a head, ribbon, torso, hips and leg pieces to complete a basic Minnie Mouse figure. And apparently it also contains alternative colored pieces to change up how the Duplo Minnie would look.


From what information we could gather, the LEGO Duplo My First Minnie Build set (10897) will be released either at year’s end or early 2019, meaning it’ll be coming late to the current 90th anniversary celebration of Mickey Mouse in Disney. Still, it would make for an interesting set to collect.

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