Is it the End for the LEGO BrickHeadz Theme?

End for the LEGO BrickHeadz Theme

New York Comic Con 2018 has just wrapped up, and it’s quite disappointing that LEGO was literally absent from the said Comic Con. Unlike last year when LEGO’s presence is somehow felt with its offer of new LEGO BrickHeadz – an NYCC exclusive and a dozen of new 2018 BrickHeadz sets at that time – this year’s LEGO-related NYCC events are close to none, with a couple of exceptions particularly from the LEGO DC Super Villains video game booth and the announcement of a new LEGO Spider-Man animated special. To add, LEGO’s noticeable absence from NYCC does not bode quite well for the future of one its popular sets, which might somehow signal the end for the LEGO BrickHeadz theme.

Though LEGO’s lack of promotions for the LEGO BrickHeadz line during this year’s NYCC may not immediately mean that the theme is about to be cancelled, we should note that LEGO has traditionally utilized the comic book conventions as a means of launching the 2017 and 2018 BrickHeadz sets. It is quite puzzling therefore that LEGO has decided to skip NYCC and to be quite mum about the future of this relatively new theme. Other than the release of the LEGO BrickHeadz Homer Simpson and Krusty the Clown (41632), and the rumored Gravity Falls BrickHeadz, there’s nothing much to expect from the theme as of the moment.

41632 1
The LEGO BrickHeadz Homer Simpson and Krusty the Clown (41632) is so far, the last BrickHeadz set to be officially announced for this year.

As it seems, another nail in the coffin that may hint on the end of the LEGO BrickHeadz theme came from fellow LEGO news source, The Brick Fan, when he pointed out to an unverified piece of info coming from one of his readers. According to the report, the information came from a local LEGOLAND Discovery cashier in Michigan. At that time, all the LEGO BrickHeadz set were reportedly being cleared out from the store including the ones that were just recently released. The unnamed cashier also mentioned that the theme will be ending this year, hence the need for the clearing out sale.

I know that these are somewhat circumstantial and unverified evidences, but I couldn’t help but consider the possibility of LEGO pulling the plug for the LEGO BrickHeadz line. In terms of being lucrative or not, LEGO is still yet to release actual sales figures for the BrickHeadz theme to somehow determine if LEGO will eventually decide to let go of this brick-built chibi trend. Until we get an official press release from LEGO, then it will be wise to consider this piece of news as speculative at best.

So what’s your take on this brick fans? Do you think that it’s the end for the LEGO BrickHeadz theme? Share what you think in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Is it the End for the LEGO BrickHeadz Theme?”

  1. I certainly hope not to be honest. I personally love this line but from the comments on other sites, I am a minority. But here’s hoping…

  2. I work for GoodWill as a Lego Specialist, the BrickHeadz are terrible sellers. We honestly have to open them up and sell the bricks in bulk just to move them. I’m not surprised at all of their demise. It’s about time. Same goes for the awful Star Wars constraction figures.

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