LEGO Bricktober Harry Potter Minifigures (5005254) To Be Available in Barnes & Noble For Only 1 Day

LEGO Bricktober Harry Potter Minifigures (5005254)

After LEGO confirmed the release of the LEGO Bricktober Harry Potter Minifigures (5005254) at Barnes & Noble stores last August, there has been mixed reports regarding its availability at the different branches of the said retail giant. There has been numerous anecdotal reports that the highly sought after collectible minifigures were put on display at some B&N stores, selling for $7.99. For several months, Barnes and Noble was mum about it, and has neither confirmed nor has released any official confirmation if ever these collectible LEGO minifigs were actually being sold already.

However, it looks like that Barnes & Noble has now finally broken its silence and gives us a definite answer on when the LEGO Bricktober Harry Potter Minifigures (5005254) will be released in their stores. According to an email newsletter from Barnes & Noble, the company has now confirmed  that the much coveted minifigures will now be officially released on November 17 as a LEGO promotional – and only, take note, ONLY for a day. The following ad was included in B&N’s newsletter correspondence, as shared by Brickset.

LEGO Bricktober Harry Potter Minifigures (5005254)
Image courtesy of Brickset.

Barnes and Noble’s website also provided several details on its other in-store only exclusives, collectively tagged as Explore the Magic at B&N’s Wizarding World Event.


Thus on November 17, one day after Crimes of Grindelwald premieres in the US and UK, Barnes and Noble will be inviting guests to their stores for their Explore the Magic event, and it will be wise to expect that plenty of LEGO fans will rush to their stores on this date because of the release of the LEGO Bricktober Harry Potter Minifigures (5005254). Bear in mind also that these minifigs will be given for free but with a price point of $75 worth of LEGO products purchased in their stores, and while supplies last.

Here’s what else to expect from Barnes & Noble on November 17:

  1. $10 reward card with the purchase of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald screenplay available (until Nov. 21)
  2. 10% off select Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts wands and wearables such as the Sorting Hat, Harry Potter Glasses, and Dobby Ears available
  3. Free WREBBIT3D™ Harry Potter Ford Anglia™ Puzzle w/ the purchase of a Harry Potter WREBBIT3D Puzzle available
  4. New Chocolate Wands will be 3 for $30 available (until year’s end)
  5. $1 Bertie Bott’s 1.2 oz Every Flavour Beans available


That list doesn’t even include other freebies that B&N stores are going to shower guests with. Also, in contrast to previous reports, the LEGO Bricktober Harry Potter Minifigures (5005254) will not be available for regular purchase during this 1-day event, but will be accessible as a purchase promo.

I wish you all the best in bagging this one.


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