“LEGO Worlds” Gets New Free Content with “Wild West” Theme


When the tandem of WB Interactive and Traveller’s Tales gets mentioned, the first thing to a LEGO gamer’s mind is perhaps their franchise titles like the recent LEGO The Incredibles or LEGO DC Super Villains. But even non-franchise “original” LEGO gets love in the form of sandbox title LEGO Worlds.

Released last year, the game has chugged along steadily even while its developers continued churning out franchise-themed titles in the same vein. Updates to LEGO Worlds itself often came in the form of new content in costumes, equipment and locations. And a new batch of additions was added last Thanksgiving.

LEGO Worlds now has some new “Wild West Content” that became available for download since November 22. As the name spells out, players can expect environments such as an old western town, log fort, mountain main and much more. That comes with period appropriate getup, weapons and tools and horse figures to ride on.

LEGO promises a rooting-tooting time as they set up dusty desert rides, high-noon showdowns and whatever hijinks one might get to when in the Old West, especially when everything’s made out of LEGO. LEGO Worlds is available on Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

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