List of Retiring LEGO Sets Revealed in Christmas Catalog


Those who are very new to the LEGO collecting experience may probably assume that the sets coming out would keep on doing so indefinitely. But no; the time will come when a certain set will be retired from the ever-changing product catalog, and the remaining units of that set stand a chance of becoming valuable.

It’s always advantageous to have advance word whenever LEGO decides to halt the manufacture of a set. A Holiday-issue LEGO product catalog has been shared with our fellow news source Brick Fanatics, one that included a two-page section depicting several sets described as “Retiring Soon”.

For our “dedicated collector” readers, brace yourself. Winter is coming for these LEGO sets below:


  1. LEGO Creator Expert Ferris Wheel (10247)
  2. LEGO Creator Expert Detective’s Office (10246)
  3. LEGO Creator Modular Winter Vacation (31080)


Star Wars

  1. LEGO Star Wars Slave I (75060)
  2. LEGO Star Wars Mos Eisley Cantina (75205)



  1. LEGO Technic Porsche 911 GT3 RS (42056)
  2. LEGO Friends Snow Resort Ski Lift (41324)
  3. LEGO City Fire Station (60110)
  4. LEGO Ideas Women of NASA (21312)
  5. LEGO Classic 60 years of the Brick Mission to Mars (10405)



  1. LEGO Disney Sleeping Beauty’s Fairytale Castle (41152)
  2. LEGO Minecraft The Farm Cottage (21144)

As we bid these sets an early adieu, we encourage those who like them but still haven’t gotten them yet even now, to finally take the plunge and make their purchases. Whether on Shop@Home or in LEGO Stores and retailers.

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