LEGO Forma Crowd-Source Campaign Ending with Unparalleled Success


It’s without a doubt that LEGO Forma, a new product line being pushed by the company on the Indiegogo crowd-sourcing platform, has become one of the most hyped-up new offerings for the older portion of the total fan spectrum. Its 500-perk campaign goal, set back in late September, has already been broke several times over.

But all things come to an end, the Indiegogo campaign for LEGO Forma being among them. Tuesday, November 6 is the last day of crowdsourcing for interested AFOLs to get one of these nifty internal-mechanics brick-build that’s then covered up by brilliantly-colored skins to create fish models that move naturally lifelike via provided hand cranks.

As its final day comes, the number of perks claimed for LEGO Forma at Indiegogo is at the eye-popping amount of 6,674 or 1334% (that’s right, PERCENT) of the 500 goal. If that’s not an honest indication of how much this product line is anticipated, then we don’t know what.

LEGO expects to roll out the first Forma sets – Koi (81000), Shark (81001), Splash Koi (81002), and Ink Koi (81003) – some 2 to 3 months after the campaign. That means the claimants will get theirs on January to February 2019.

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